‘Facebook Throws Napalm On The Fire’: Wall Street Reacts To Zuckerberg’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Quarter

Abandon ship! On Wednesday evening, after the company reported its first topline miss since 2015, Facebook plunged by what would be the most in its history as a public company if the after hours decline were to be mirrored in Thursday's regular session. Shares were already racking up losses, but things got materially worse when the conference call exacerbated concerns about the trajectory for revenue growth. Zuckerberg also indicated that content moderation and investment in security are set t

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3 thoughts on “‘Facebook Throws Napalm On The Fire’: Wall Street Reacts To Zuckerberg’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Quarter

  1. Privacy, or lack thereof is the issue of the decade. Before I #deletedfacebook I downloaded my dossier, and was thrilled it was only 7 megabytes compared to a friend’s who had 3gb of shit recorded on him. I had fastidiously locked down every privacy setting to a maximum of “friends only”, disabled all apps, and removed a sneaky Facebook plugin I discovered installed on my browsers. FYI, the “friends of friends” setting is basically completely public, and you are likely connected to Kevin Bacon.

    I refuse all cookies, js, adverts (sorry I do block ads on my pc browsers, but you still get hits from my cellphone and tablet). I also automatically delete all cookies, logins, scripts and password protect everything.

    A friend of mine worked at the NSA, and he even puts tape on his phone and web cameras, has a $3000 router attached to his Spectrum bridge (aka “modem.)

    Another thing to be aware of is VPNs from thrid world countries and locations, as well as disinformation on review sites for VPN providers. I only use VPN from 1st world countries, since I’d rather authorities need a warrant to see my traffic than the trust of an ambitious mafia capo running extortion operations out of the Seychelles.

    Facebook brought this on themselves. While I don’t think Zuck is a sociopath, his crippled empathy likely comes from Asperger’s… No offense to the autistic intended.

    Be careful out there folks. You are being watched.

  2. H, thanks for the post from the analysts’ perspective. I have no doubt that facebook will be back up in valuation, given how much momentum is driving some of these stocks.

    I have always had a problem with this company given its nonchalant attitude towards the very serious issues of privacy infringement. I never had a facebook account.

    Steve Jobs saw this coming many many years ago and was a true visionary in this respect. And he warned facebook to tighten things up. He steered Apple in the right direction relative to privacy from the onset, because he understood how social networks really work. He understood how the tools and the interfaces that facilitate social networks have the very powerful potential to turn very ugly and to be inappropriately used.

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