Requiem For A Rally: 2018’s First Half In Charts

Well, anyone who went into 2018 calling for a "melt-up" or a "blow-off top" in risk assets ended up being right - if only for a month. The first half of 2018 is in the books and we did indeed see a panicked rush into risk assets on the heels of the tax cuts, as retail investors poured record amounts of money into equity funds in January. Google interest in "how to buy stocks" exploded, Millennials opened E*Trade accounts to trade crypto and weed names, and money managers were forced to push b

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4 thoughts on “Requiem For A Rally: 2018’s First Half In Charts

  1. Look what He has wrought!!!

    Go on, say it!! Say it, go ahead and say it!! Say it loud and say it proud!!

    Conservatives, Republicans, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, KKK members and supporters, Alt-Righters, Tea-Partiers, Right-Wingers, White Christian Evangelicals, Say His name ….

    We can hear you …

    “Destructo!! Destructo!! Destructo!! Destructo!!”

    There you go!!

    Dsestructo. Destroying everything he touches and everyone he contacts.

    Destructo. Doing the devil’s work, 24/7, 365, year in, year out.

    1. Fuckin Cheeto…not sure when this trade drama will end, maybe by Nov there will be enough Americans screwed by soybean and other reliatory tariffs, things might change??

      Love the new site H.

      Question, is EM equity in a bear market yet?? It feels like DM or Europe will follow EM down the rathole soon too

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