The ‘Identity Of Who Is Propping Up Bitcoin’ Is Revealed!

There you go. It’s Mrs. Watanabe. Or in this case, “Mr.” Watanabe.


Another Day In Hell.

This was another day dominated by crypto news, tax banter, and Donald Trump – in other words…

Monty Python Does Bitcoin

CUSTOMER: I’d like to buy a parrot.

Bitcoin Futures: Counting Down To Launch In T-Minus…


‘As Good As Gold?’: A Last Minute Reality Check Before Sunday’s Bitcoin Futures Launch

What could go wrong?

The 2 Most Important Issues As Bitcoin Goes Parabolic

And before anyone jeers, this is penned by a crypto enthusiast.

December 7, 2017: ‘A Date Which Will Live In Bitcoin Infamy’

This is “beyond abnormal, it’s unprecedented.”

‘Levels Are Irrelevant’: Bitcoin Market Cap Hits Quarter Trillion

Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Bitcoin Hits Escape Velocity: Insanity Goes Vertical In Late Wednesday Surge

This horse has left the barn.

Alan Greenspan Compares Bitcoin To America’s Worthless Colonial Currency

“People gamble in casinos when the odds are against them. It has never stopped anybody.”

Veteran Trader: ‘Bitcoin Futures Will Trade Like Garbage’

“Now before you dismiss me as some ancient out-of-touch finance guy who doesn’t get it, remember that I was mining bitcoins and arbing between exchanges before most of Wall Street had ever heard the word blockchain.”

The Big Bitcoin Short: Hedge Funds Set To Battle Fanatics In Epic Showdown

Place your bets.

Cboe Announces Bitcoin Futures Launch: End Of The World Starts Sunday

“Given the unprecedented interest in bitcoin, it’s vital we provide clients the trading tools to help them express their views and hedge their exposure.”

U.K. Treasury Plans Bitcoin Crackdown Sparking Panic Selling

“The new rules, which will be applied across the European Union, are expected to come into force by the end of the year or early in 2018, the minister in charge has said.”

Venezuela To Launch Cryptocurrency Called ‘The Petro’, Maduro Declares

“We are joining the twenty-first century.”