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Ethereum Founder: Cryptocurrencies Can ‘Drop To Near-Zero At Any Time’


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is a guy who, back in December, had had just about enough of your goddamn crypto “Lambo” memes.


And it’s a good thing “Lambo memes” were officially passé as of December 28, because between that tweet and February 6, Bitcoin and Litecoin holders saw their Lambo buying power fall by roughly 60% and Ethereum holders saw their Italian sports car purchasing capacity dive by about 25%:


As you can see, Ethereum has held up better than Bitcoin and Litecoin during the recent crypt “correction” and while that’s great, Buterin has some more bad news for his disciples and that bad news can basically be summed up as follows: this shit is going to zero and if what you’re looking for is a stable store of value, this ain’t it. 


Behold, crypto crazies, your leader speaks:


Preach, preach, preach, preach…


With all due respect Vitalik, we think maybe you’ve lost touch with your people because you can be absolutely sure they don’t want to hear that.

After all….



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