Jamie Dimon Is Taking A Tony Soprano Approach To Bitcoin Futures

Jamie Dimon is a gangster. You’d do well to remember that.



More records.

Tales From The Crypto: Bitcoin Dumps And Pumps After Tether Robbed Of $31 Million

Everyday it’s something else.

Bitcoin Surges Above $8,000 As Stupidity Goes Parabolic

To be sure, it’s impossible to know when something like this will finally succumb to reality, but these kinds of things are vulnerable to crises of confidence and in the absence of any kind of fundamental thesis to fall back on, it won’t be immediately clear where the “bottom” is when Wile E. Coyote finally looks down.

We’re All Doomed: Bitcoin Boy Band Edition

“I know a lot about Bitcoin.”

‘Father Of HFT’ On Bitcoin Futures: Peterffy Warns CFTC Of ‘Suicidal’ Decision

“…if the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or any other clearing organization clears a cryptocurrency together with other products, then a large cryptocurrency price move that destabilizes members that clear cryptocurrencies will destabilize the clearing organization itself.”

Monday, Monday.

The fireworks started in Japan and that’s where they ended.

‘There’s Panic’: Bitcoin Plunge Sees $33 Billion Disappear Into Thin Air

The stakes are getting higher.

Watch The Throne.

What happens over the weekend no longer remains confined to the weekend.

Head Over Heels For Bitcoin

“When given a choice between $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and $1,000 worth of a traditional financial asset, 27 percent of millennials chose Bitcoin over an equivalent amount of stocks, 30 percent chose Bitcoin over government bonds, 22 percent chose Bitcoin over real estate, and 19 percent chose Bitcoin over gold.” 

Goldman: Bitcoin Could Be Headed To $7,941

Submitted for your approval…

The End Of Money.

What’s implicit there is that if the dynamics that “saved” the fiat regime were to reverse course, well then the untethered system could face an existential crisis.

Here’s How The Crypto Bubble Bursts

“What I am really getting at here though is that most of these people have no experience whatsoever with losing money in investments. When the bubble bursts all of them will be headed for the exit at the same exact time.”

Bitcoin Blasts Off Above $6,600 – Only $493,400 To Go…

In yet another truly absurd leg higher…

‘It’s Enron In The Making’: Prince Alwaleed Says Bitcoin ‘Is Just Going To’ Up And ‘Implode One Day’

“I just don’t believe in this Bitcoin thing, I think – I think – it’s just going to implode one day.”