Maximum Bitcoin, Minimum Wage

Maximum Bitcoin, Minimum Wage

If you wanted to be dramatic about it, you could call February 8, 2021, the day when investors in S&P 500 index funds learned they'll be exposed to Bitcoin. That's one implication of Tesla's disclosure that the company's balance sheet now includes $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency. As to whether the move, had it been announced several months back, might have impacted the decision to include Tesla in the index, we'll never know. Because that's a hypothetical. But in comments to Bloomberg,
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2 thoughts on “Maximum Bitcoin, Minimum Wage

  1. The CBO’s reliance on classical supply/demand and price/cost concepts seems alnost quaint. The rest of us sees sales increasing when prices go up, if houses, Starbucks, cars, VIP tickets and Netflix count for anything. But labor costs? It’s the end of the world as the 1% know it. Even $15 is a joke, and yet still just a pipe dream.

  2. Why point to a 256 year old philosophy as a guide to the use of monetary control. Do we still dip wicks to make candles?
    The cause of the recent conundrum dis/deflation?
    My farms employ 70+% fewer with 350% more acres under cultivation. Turnover is reduced because I pay more than prevailing wage.
    A globally recognized currency would make commerce a lot simpler for me.
    Bitcoin ain’t it.

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