Keep Your Bad News To Yourself

Keep Your Bad News To Yourself

The reflation narrative was alive and well to kick off the new week, as market participants appear confident that more US stimulus is a foregone conclusion. Janet Yellen's advocacy over the weekend looked to win "hearts and minds," so to speak, and the media had fun juxtaposing her network cameos with inflation warnings from Larry Summers, who seems to believe that the only way to stay relevant is to spend his weeks criticizing Joe Biden's stimulus plan. 30-year yields stateside hit 2% for the
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One thought on “Keep Your Bad News To Yourself

  1. The South Africa variant is frightening.
    I am not a big fan of WHO- as I see it , they could have done far more than they have done to date and have wasted a lot of money. However, they have done fairly well in worldwide efforts of vaccines. Hopefully, Biden will include a substantial sum of money in the stimulus package for global vaccine efforts. McConnell is a polio survivor and may be more willing to give money to global vaccine efforts than we might normally expect.
    Bill Gates has committed in excess of $500 million to global vaccine efforts because he knows that without a global effort, our life will never have a chance of returning to a “normal” existence where we can travel among the citizens of the world with only secondary/minimal concerns regarding health.
    India is still high on my list of places that I would like to visit.

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