Meet Janet Yellen, Chief Risk Officer, Planet Earth

Meet Janet Yellen, Chief Risk Officer, Planet Earth

Market participants are going to be seeing quite a bit more of Janet Yellen for the foreseeable future. Late in 2020, news of her nomination for Treasury lent a helping hand to calls for a year-end melt-up across markets. The idea, generally speaking, is that she'll facilitate the kind of fiscal-monetary partnerships seen as key not just to reviving growth in the post-pandemic world, but also to ameliorating socioeconomic strains. That latter bit is ironic given the Fed's role in perpetuating
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11 thoughts on “Meet Janet Yellen, Chief Risk Officer, Planet Earth

  1. If Treasury, Congress, Federal Reserve and US banks worked together- our country could take a giant jettson forward, on many levels.
    I included US banks- because right now they are doing minimal lending and to restart small, private business, loans will need to be made available.

  2. This could be the start of a loving, tender monetary-fiscal partnership. As silver-tongued as Ms. Yellen is in her PR work, I have to wonder if Jay Powell will be wooed now that inflation signals are starting to show. I suppose it’s time to start carefully parsing Fed communications again — or rather, to rely on my trust economic anger interpreter H to do that for me.

  3. What better way to reduce inequality than by giving money to those you favor and withholding it from those you do not (the higher income brethren).

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