General Roaring Kitty And The Road Back To Reality

I'm already laughing. It's hard not to. Each and every time I set about writing an introductory sentence (or two or three) that mentions GameStop, the chuckling starts before my fingers even touch the keys. To let some folks tell it, the story of a short squeeze in shares of a beaten down, left-for-dead chain of pseudo-pawnshops belongs in the history books right next to Waterloo and the Battle of Normandy. One day, apparently, we'll have wreath-laying ceremonies. Markets across the US will be
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3 thoughts on “General Roaring Kitty And The Road Back To Reality

  1. Maybe “Congressional hearings and Regulatory scrutiny” should focus on Bitcoin, not Gamestop. If all US corporations move their excess cash from USD to Bitcoin (as Tesla is doing), I would think this is NOT ok with Janet.

  2. This idea that stimulus checks are going to the stock market is really just the Cons doing their Con jobs. After all it is the RepubliCon party where laundering Russian mob money through condo sales is a resume builder.

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