Bitcoin Dives Below $7,000 As SEC, CFTC Heads Set To Talk Regulation, Oversight

Folks, it is falling apart for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Falls Below $8,000 (Again) As Hedge Fund Shorts Jump Fivefold

Well, Bitcoin is all to hell again.

Big Banks Slam Door On Bitcoin Purchases Using Credit Cards

“But the Reddit threads said there would be Lambos!”

Bitcoin Crashes Below $8,000 As Crypto Rout Accelerates

The bubble is popping. And it’s hilarious.

‘People Are Getting Scared’: Bitcoin Dives As India Vows To ‘Eliminate’ Cryptocurrencies Because You Know, Fake-Ass Money And Shit

Ok, well Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptosphere didn’t need any more bad news after last Friday’s Coincheck theft and after the CFTC subpoenaed Bitfinex and Tether, but when it rains it pours…

Goldman Reportedly Angry That CFTC Didn’t Give Them Proper Heads Up On Bitcoin Futures Launch

“It’s critical for major clearing firms like Goldman to be prepared.”

Cryptos Dive As CFTC Subpoenas Bitfinex And Tether Who Maybe, Maybe Doesn’t Have That $443 Million

Cryptos were already on the back foot Tuesday, so things probably didn’t need to get any worse, but they just did anyway.

Coincheck Didn’t Bother With ‘Basic Security Protocols’ Because The Worst That Could Happen Is A $400 Million Theft

The “scene” Bloomberg is describing apparently involved furious Japanese customers huddled together in the freezing cold…

Carnage In Cryptocurrencies As Coincheck Withdrawal Halt, NEM Collapse Rattle Market

How many times have we said it? Almost everyone needs an exchange. 

Bitcoin And VIX Correlation Has Increased ‘Dramatically’: The ‘New Frontier Of Risk-Taking’

And there you go. Another way for cryptocurrencies to morph into a systemic risk…

Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000 (Again) As South Korea Stamps Out Anonymous Trading

The “revolution” has seen better days.

Nassim Taleb Takes Break From Stone Lifting To Explain How Bitcoin Frees Humanity From ‘An Orwellian Future’

Speaking of “stable geniuses”… 

Bitcoin, Cryptos Dive As Nordea Bans Trading In ‘Absurd, Joke’ Assets

Well, cryptos are crashing – again.

Uber Bull ‘Steve’ Still Loves Stocks But Thinks Maybe Bitcoin Is ‘Pets. com’

When you lose Steve…

After Being On The Right Side Of Dead Ass Wrong, Tom Lee Now Says Bitcoin Heading For $125,000

Let’s say you’re an analyst….