Bitcoin And VIX Correlation Has Increased ‘Dramatically’: The ‘New Frontier Of Risk-Taking’

And there you go. Another way for cryptocurrencies to morph into a systemic risk…


Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000 (Again) As South Korea Stamps Out Anonymous Trading

The “revolution” has seen better days.

Nassim Taleb Takes Break From Stone Lifting To Explain How Bitcoin Frees Humanity From ‘An Orwellian Future’

Speaking of “stable geniuses”… 

Bitcoin, Cryptos Dive As Nordea Bans Trading In ‘Absurd, Joke’ Assets

Well, cryptos are crashing – again.

Uber Bull ‘Steve’ Still Loves Stocks But Thinks Maybe Bitcoin Is ‘Pets. com’

When you lose Steve…

After Being On The Right Side Of Dead Ass Wrong, Tom Lee Now Says Bitcoin Heading For $125,000

Let’s say you’re an analyst….

In New Letter, SEC Has 5 Questions For Anyone Who Thinks They’re Going To Launch A Bitcoin ETF

Obviously, none of those things (especially the last one) are any semblance of important and if the SEC was really interested in being on the cutting edge of the digital-coin-based pyramid scheme revolution, they’d have dropped the whole benign paternalism bullshit when the Winklevoss twins came knocking last year.

Christopher Harvey Thinks Maybe He’s Not Getting Through To You When It Comes To Crypto Spillover Risk

Once the end game plays out and the losses are actually booked we’ll get to see whether the despair that accompanies the final rout will spill over into all the places Harvey seems to think it will.

Bitcoin: ‘I’m Not Dead Yet!’

For now, things seem to have “stabilized”.

Cboe Sees No Reason To Stop At Bitcoin When It Comes To Futures On Pyramid Schemes

“You look at the entire crypto space and you look at what other products have the liquidity and the notional size, a derivative makes sense.”

If This Is The Cryptocurrency Lehman Moment, I Want To Know Who’s Going To Jail

Of course that’s assuming they actually stick around to offer an explanation. In all likelihood, most of them will cash out ahead of time and disappear into the fucking Swiss Alps with your money. 

‘Yesterday Was A Hell Of A Crazy Day’: Online Gold Sales Explode Amid Bitcoin Plunge

“…emails and phones did not stand still.”

Is This It? Day Of Reckoning Arrives For Cryptocurrencies As Selloff Deepens Amid BitConnect News

You’ll forgive us for saying this (actually you won’t if you’re a crypto proponent) but it kind of feels like this is the beginning of the end for the cryptocurrency craze.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies Collapse On China, South Korea Jitters: ‘They Should Be Prepared To Lose All Their Money’

“…there is irrational speculation in cryptocurrency and rational regulation are needed to curb it.”

China Unleashes New Crypto Crackdown After Discovering Sneaky Hobbitses Still Trading

Specifically, people are using “alternative venues” and as you can imagine, Beijing isn’t particularly enamored with the idea that people are effectively ignoring their decree.