Kenneth Rogoff: Bitcoin Will ‘Collapse.’ Oh, And Putin Is Worried Too.

“My best guess is that in the long run, the technology will thrive, but that the price of bitcoin will collapse.”


Kyle Bass: Cryptocurrencies Are A ‘Mania At The Moment’

“A whole bunch of people are going to lose a lot of money.”

Meet ‘Riot Blockchain’ – And Grab A Blimpie While You’re Here!

“We use that address for mail [but we operate] a small office in the area.”

Blankfein: Goldman Isn’t ‘Endorsing Bitcoin’ – Until They Decide How Profitable It Will Be

“Still thinking about #Bitcoin.”

Cryptocurrency Monaco Soared Nearly 700% After Promoting A Visa Deal That Never Happened

“In retrospect, we probably wouldn’t put the Visa name on there yet.”

‘I’m Inclined To Say It’s Going To Zero’: No Chance Bitcoin Replaces The Dollar

“So is a single Bitcoin worth $500,000, $5,000, $500 or $0? I’m inclined to say $0, especially if Bitcoin’s value depends on it being adopted as a global digital currency to replace dollars. There is no chance whatsoever that Bitcoin can displace the dollar, for the simple reason that it is badly designed.”

Bitcoin, Cryptodollars, Gold, Seedy Saloons, Gunfights, And Wampum

“It’s the millennial’s wild west. Like all generations, they’ve discovered a new frontier, with few rules, seedy saloons, gunfights, corpses. As our earthly unknowns disappear, we find new ones in the ether. “

Of Tulips, ICOs, Rhino Horn, And Paris Hilton

“When you see the waft of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) hitting the market, you have to ask yourself what these “investors” are smoking. Let’s put aside whether bitcoin, ethereum, or some other transactional coin, ends up being a medium of exchange with real value. Instead let’s focus on these ICO’s.”