Saudi Arabia, Argentina Upgraded By MSCI: What It Means

Take a second to skim this, as it’s pretty important, especially in light of recent events.


Bitter Coffee.

A spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down.

After All That Hype.

Aaand that’s the week.

Yields On Argentina’s Infamous Century Bond Hit All-Time High Amid Currency Bloodbath

“Rushed and sloppy”.

There’s A ‘Big Problem’ In Emerging Market Liquidity And Here It Is…

(Back) down the liquidity rabbit hole.

When Doves Try.

This is what it sounds like.

Give Peace (And Quiet) A Chance

Holding pattern as market awaits the Fed.

‘Heavy Hikers’ And EM Basket Cases: Turkey And Argentina On The Brink

Do note that this is no trivial/esoteric/academic debate.

‘We Might Have To Cut ‘Em Loose’: There Are Worse Things In The World Than An Emerging Market Rout, Right?

“I gotcha, I gotcha … oops.”

When “selections” become “choices” again, we have to decide whether that’s ultimately a “bad” turn of events or whether it’s just an inevitable (and ultimately desirable) consequence of a return to two-way markets. 

Different Day, Same Stories, Only Different.

But still, read it.

Counting Dollars: Full Week Ahead Preview

Here’s what’s in play.

Nuclear Football.

And that’s the week.

It’s Not That People Are Bailing On Emerging Markets, It’s Just That They Sold The Most EM Stocks And Bonds Since December 2016

It should be fine.

Forget The Bombs, Buy The Stocks.

Risk on.

Trader Asks: Emerging Market ‘Meltdown’ Or Much Ado About Nothing?

“The start of something? Or much ado about nothing?”