Reciprocity: Full Week Ahead Preview

Trade and immigration are going to be in focus all week long, so steel yourself for more tension. Trump's rhetoric over the weekend suggested he's in no mood to strike a conciliatory tone on anything. On Sunday, in a laughably egregious broadside, he suggested that the U.S. should "immediately" send immigrants "back where they came" with "no Judges or Court Cases" (and as usual, the random capitalization is his, not mine). Immigration is also on the frontburner across the pond, where officials

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One thought on “Reciprocity: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. I have this feeling that the orange 5-ball is entering the final stages of a manic melt down that will not end well. He will not back down on trade as he temporarily has on the crying kid thing (likely because of the women in his life) and will be full metal jacket ahead. And by no means am I making the migrant situation a small thing. I only hope his head-long plunge into the twilight zone comes around near the end of September. Even though the US holds better cards than China, he’s not a poker player by any stretch.

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