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In ‘Shocking’ Result, Erdogan Is Re-Elected In Turkey

It's good to be Sultan.

Although there will undoubtedly be all manner of controversy and allegations of voter fraud, the bottom line for now appears to be that Erdogan is the "winner" in Sunday's landmark election in Turkey. The full preview is here for those who want the backstory and some color on what the various possible outcomes might mean for markets, but barring some kind of truly dramatic turn, it looks like Erdogan has engineered a victory, thus proving that this was a foregone conclusion or, more to the point, a complete farce. Here's state-run TRT with the speech and the original call (oh, and do note how Erdogan is calling this "a lesson in democracy for the rest of the world"); And here's a fun graphic: For their part, Anadolu Agency says that with 92% of ballot boxes reporting, Erdogan has 53% with CHP’s Muharrem Ince logging 30.6%. Again, this will be disputed. For instance, we're already getting this: TURKEY CHP'S TEZCAN SAYS ELECTION IS HEADING TO A SECOND ROUND
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