‘Give Me Your Huddled Masses’ So I Can ‘Immediately Send Them Back Where They Came From With No Judges Or Court Cases’

Former mail order meat purveyor, current President of the United States and man who is partially responsible for creating Don Jr., Donald Trump, is an expert on making bad situations immeasurably worse.

Take the “swamp”, for instance. Remember how, according to “swamp” expert Donald Trump, it was in desperate need of a good “draining”? Yeah, well despite being predisposed to “speaking with himself” when it comes to policy, Donald Trump did not in fact take his own advice when it came to making D.C. less swamp-ish, opting instead to run a multi-million dollar influence peddling operation through former fixer and current man who is going to jail, Michael Cohen.

Of course Donald Trump is also an expert on one-upping himself when it comes to making bad situations worse. Last week was a veritable PR nightmare for the administration when it comes to the immigration debate. Even if you agree 100% with the administration’s hardline stance on border control, it would be nearly impossible to argue that the PR effort wasn’t bungled. Between Jeff Sessions and Huckabee Sanders citing Bible verses, Corey Lewandowski’s “womp, womp” debacle, Kirstjen Nielsen refusing to even pretend like she cares and Melania wearing a coat that actually said the words “I really don’t care”on the back of it, they couldn’t have handled this situation any worse if they tried. It was a series of headlines straight out of The Onion, only, as usual, the stories were real. Satire and irony are indeed dead in the Trump era.

Well, in an example of the President’s penchant for saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time in the worst possible context, Trump on Sunday decided to tweet away the concept of due process. Have a look at this:


Now, for one thing, this is just another example of what I talked about at length on Saturday in “The Wrong Side Of History.” He’s characterizing immigrants as “invaders” which is not only inflammatory and clearly designed to further stigmatize minorities, but is also patently absurd because “immigrants” do not “invade”. That’s not what an “invader” is. American troops, for instance, did not “immigrate” to Iraq in 2003 nor were American soldiers “immigrants” in Afghanistan after 9/11.

But beyond the technicalities, explicitly stating that “when somebody comes in” America needs to “immediately, with no Judges and Court Cases bring them back where they came”, is so laughably egregious in the context of traditional American values that you have to think he’s either fucking with us now, or has simply lost his mind completely.

I mean, let’s just compare and contrast here. This is what’s on the Statue of Liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

And this is what the President is posting on Twitter:

When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back where they came.

Again, this is so laughable that you wonder whether he’s just trolling us all.

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5 thoughts on “‘Give Me Your Huddled Masses’ So I Can ‘Immediately Send Them Back Where They Came From With No Judges Or Court Cases’

  1. Worse than “invaders”, the GOP’s POTUS called the (mostly, if reviewed by ‘due process’) asylum-seekers “insects”. I guess he’s now the ‘Exterminator-in-Chief.’

    He’s now off to a meeting of NATO heads of state in Europe. Already he’s tweeting insults at America’s closest friend and ally, Canada. I guess his debacle at the recent G -7 (actually, France’s leader, Macoun, called it more accurately, “G – 6+1”) wasn’t enough negative attention for ‘The Donald.’

  2. Not trolling, he is truly that ignorant. Consider this as well — he says we only want those that merit and will help make America great again. Now, remind that idiot that those DACA ‘kids’ who have been here up to approx 30 years and many have achieved a very high level of education and careers that give back to America every day – far more than he does – and he wants to throw them out also. Many of them have served in our military forces as well – let’s remind Mr. lying bone spurs those people have earned their right to be an American citizen.

    His only goal every day is to WIN. At any opportunity or any loophole he can find, to twist and use and now with the power of the office of the President, to get his way and to win his battle and not appear weak. He would seriously like to put these immigrant parents in such a financial strain to make it impossible to regain their children – to separate them forever as punishment and then he can gloat over his WIN.

    This man really is insane and is dangerous to our society.

  3. Isn’t it a “high crime” or at least a “misdemeanor” to swear on the bible in public to uphold and defend the constitution of the United State, and then to implement policies that directly undermine and nullify judicial rulings of our highest courts? What will it take to impeach this arrogant SOB.

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