Breaking The Bank.

Beleaguered banks, commodities on the come up, golf, the usual…


Truly Fine Gentlemen.

In good hands.

Go Long.

And it’s only Monday.

‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).

Slime Balls, Animals And Lawyers, Oh My!

All you can do is laugh.

We’ll See What Happens.

Waiting game.

‘Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal’

“Get ready.”

Red Rally.

All hail the “king”.

Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?

$100 Billion Dollars!


Never A Dull Moment.

If this were a reality TV show, the ratings would indeed be “tremendous”.

Please Mr. Postman.

Tuesday was another day that had a distinctly circus-like character to it…

Document Study.

Stellar day!

The 3 ‘T’s: Full Week Ahead Preview

In essence, the same things everyone was watching last week (e.g. tech, trade, Trump) will be in focus again…

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.