Fly Me To The Moon.

I was told Icarus would be unleashed.


Wait, What?

If you don’t have a sense of humor, the market’s reaction to the Fed minutes was probably pretty frustrating for you. 

Welcome Back!

The win streak is over.

‘As Far As I’m Concerned, It’s Just Speculation’: Full Week Ahead Preview

“Right away, you’re ready to sell it.”

‘I Suppose You Think You Raised Hell’

“When I’ve raised hell you’ll know it.”

50 Yards…

“Wow, dad.”

‘You’re Going The Wrong Way!’

“Oh, they’re drunk. How would they know where we’re going?”

Die Another Day.

So the real drama (if there proves to be any) will come tomorrow.

David Stockman: Last Week Wasn’t An Error

“Last week’s twin 1,000 point plunges on the Dow were not errors.”


Farewell to Kansas.

Final Curtain? Full Week Ahead Preview

Is this it?

If It Bleeds.

“…we can kill it.”

‘I Was Told There Would Be No Corrections’

To be sure, in some contexts it’s impossible to be on the “wrong” side of “being screwed”. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those contexts. 


Translation: this is not a drill, dammit.

The Good Old Days.

I remember when…