Lucky number 8.
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4 comments on “The Hateful Eight.

  1. USA USA USA. Mindless.

    • Dan, can you tell me about this last video with assface having the guy removed — ? What was the photo in his hand? I have not seen/heard about this at his scum only rally.

      I would like someone to ask this cretin just why in the hell does he think Mexico would do anything to help us as he states in his drunken video at top — all he does is lie and insult and instigate trade war with them and then he has the balls to complain they won’t work with him about the immigrants they allow them across their country to our border. hahaha — Lord, what a total loon he is — they don’t kiss the feet of the king and he is not pleased. LOL!

      P.S. I miss the Lock her up chorus 🙂

  2. I’m just curious, how does Hollywood (the industry which BIRTHED and carried him, especially Mr. Zucker) benefit from his presidency? Sure they get provocation, content, finger in eye of all decent people watching, but quam bono?

    • Hollywood only exposed him for the imbecile that he is — and how easy to manipulate him with cheap flattery. Now, couple that with his paternal history of Nazi grandfather and racist father. Throw in his eagerness to be the tough guy in the crowd, lie and fake his way to domination by taking advantage of everyone he had business with but ultimately he was outsmarted. Pushed into the WH by those ascendants who needed to use him so they could take control of this country. Eventually he became hooked, caught by those smarter powers and to survive his ultimate fear to not appear weak or stupid, he ended up in their net. Word is he is going to meet his puppeteer in July.

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