It Sounds Good – Usually Speaking.

Of record highs and lots of other stuff.



Who’s long weed and palladium?

Christmas Hangover.

Who’s still drunk?

And To All A Good Night.

Don’t forget the eggnog.

Holiday Drift.

Waiting on Santa.

Groundhog Day.



“Screwed you’re.”

Lies, Damn Lies, And Sarah Sanders Talking About Stocks

Propaganda ministry meets the Dow.

Color Me Bigly.

Risk. On. Dammit.

The Rich Get Richer.

And that’s the week.


Nobody pull the wrong block.

Sweet Dreams.

“There is less to lose sleep about now than in quite some time.”

Another Day In Hell.

This was another day dominated by crypto news, tax banter, and Donald Trump – in other words…

To The Moon.

One small step…

All’s Well That Ends With A Record Close.

It’s Friday.