Go Long.

First of all, this is about the most hilarious news imaginable: SEAN HANNITY NAMED AS COHEN CLIENT WHO OBJECTED BEING NAMED If I had to guess, this is about to get immeasurably worse for Trump. As for Fox and all of your favorite alt-Right blogs that parrot Fox's "news" stories (you know, like the man-eating pandas), Sean's going to need you to go long. https://twitter.com/heisenbergrpt/status/985955288632176641 "We have been friends a long time. I have sought legal advice from Michael," Ha

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4 thoughts on “Go Long.

  1. Hannity made 36 million last year. You think he would allow a legal chump like Cohen to be his lawyer? Hannity must have talked to his Fox lawyers early in the day who reminded him he never mentioned Cohen was his lawyer when he was defending Cohen on air. Later Hannity realized Cohen was trying to have privilege apply to some incriminating conversations Cohen may have taped. That’s when Hannity decided he may have given Cohen “ten bucks”.
    God I hope the Hannity-Cohen tapes and/or documents are not privileged.

    1. hannity is as much as a grifter liar cheater and chump as trump and cohen are – and have you noticied that all make a whole bunch of bucks being and doing it all. That’s the sin of it and the draw of it. disgusting pathetic excuses for humans.

      I totally believe dirt will roll out all over hannity very soon. And hell yes he ran his big mouth to cohen all the time — this connection explains the bond that hannity has with trump. And if you saw that cluster of thugs all smoking their fat cigars in their little gossip ring outside yesterday — those are Russian’s gathered as a pledge to the mother country/leader.

      Find and read this article and the linked tweet chain:
      There is a great link to some twitter photos in this sentence copied from H’s column (Wonkette import) yesterday: “And Cohen himself was smoking cigars with Da Boys and getting photographed in his war crime blazer while his counsel was in court trying to convince the judge that Cohen IS TOO a real lawyer” and you will find that ‘Da Boys’ link here:

      The bullshit $10 will not protect these hoodlums from this judge! The court is investigating cohen’s business — hannity is connected to that and has no privilege.

      p.s. I don’t think hannity’s boss knew anything of this before it hit on Live news. I sent a note to FOX yesterday telling them he should be fired like the other few they fired for similar issues. haha! I would have loved to have seen his happily married wife’s face…

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