Mikhail Gorbachev Very Politely Asks Russia And The U.S. To Avoid Nuking Each Other

“Relations between the two nations are in a severe crisis.”


Trump’s Lawyers Said To Ponder Offering Mueller A Meeting In High-Stakes Gamble

If his attorneys think they can trust him to sit through an entire interview with Robert Mueller without flying off the handle or, at the very least, accidentally incriminating himself, they don’t know much about their client.

‘Do You Accept Rubles?’ Facebook Admits 10 Million People Saw Russia-Linked Ads

“Weren’t some of these ads paid for in Russian currency? Why didn’t your ad review system notice this and bring the ads to your attention?”

‘Facebook Has Been Weaponized By Aliens’

“However reluctantly, Zuckerberg is recognizing the not-so-nice aspects of our ever-more-interconnected world.”

Here Is The Hilarious E-mail A Former FBI Agent Received From A Russian Propaganda Site

Yes, “good afternoon!”

“We were wondering if you’d be willing to come on and answer a couple of ‘questions’ that aren’t really questions!” 

Senate Intelligence Committee Said To Call Google In Russia Probe: Politico

“…federal officials have expressed concern that Kremlin-linked entities may have tried to game Google’s algorithm to shape the search results of voters seeking political news and information.”

Video: Roger Stone Says Manafort ‘Expects To Be Indicted’, Will Be Pressed To Roll Over On Trump

“His attorney told my attorneys he expects to be indicted,” Stone, a longtime ally of the President, told the press on Capitol Hill, adding that “he doesn’t know what the charges would be and neither does Paul.”

‘Facebook Should Be Treated Like A Crime Scene’

“To paraphrase Rubio: Imagine being able to call on the resources of a nation state to do targeted ad buys.”

Former FBI Agent ‘Invites You To Consider Another Possibility’ On Paul Manafort

“…but that’s because it was happening somewhere else.”

WSJ: Facebook Gives Details Of Russian Ads To Mueller, Possibly After Search Warrant

“Facebook has handed over to Robert Mueller detailed records about the Russian ad purchases on its platform that go beyond what it shared with Congress last week.”

Weintraub: Russian Troll Farms Do Not Have First Amendment Rights!

“People can argue in good faith about the merits of unbridled corporate spending in American elections. Me, I’m not such a big fan. But no reasonable person would grant full First Amendment rights to a Russian troll farm.” 

‘Red Hot’ Mueller ‘Zeroing In’ On Russia’s Use Of Facebook, Twitter: Sources

Mark my words: you’re going to wake up one day a year or so from now and discover that some of the sites you frequent have been shut down – permanently.

Russia Used Facebook To Organize Rally In Town Targeted By Breitbart, InfoWars

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast that the social-media giant “shut down several promoted events as part of the takedown we described last week.” The company declined to elaborate, except to confirm that the events were promoted with paid ads.

Nikonov Admits On Live Television That Russia Rigged U.S. Election

Actually we’d like to thank Vyacheslav for the effort because it’s pretty clear that most Americans still don’t understand how ignorant they really are.

Is Devin Nunes About To Sabotage The FBI With His Trump Dossier Subpoenas?

“The “independence” of the FBI’s investigation is key here. The Steele dossier is now a public document. The Russians know what has been alleged. But they don’t yet know what the FBI has independently verified and what it hasn’t. It’s crucial that the FBI keeps it that way.”