Reuters Exclusive: How You Were Duped By RT, Sputnik, And US-Based Bloggers

“Putin had the objective in mind all along, and he asked the institute to draw him a road map.”


“All’s Well That Doesn’t End In A Giant Mushroom Cloud”

Well, you know what they say, “all’s well that doesn’t end in a giant mushroom cloud.” That’s how it feels on Wednesday morning after Chinese TV reported that President Xi Jinping had a phone call with Donald Trump during which the two discussed North Korea and Syria. On Syria, Xi said using chemical weapon is unacceptable and as…

Goldman: The Gas Wars Are Coming And “Russia’s Grip On Europe” Is Slipping

“We believe that we are likely to see a similar response from low-cost producers to that seen in the oil market to the rise of shale production. OPEC, which has been limiting its production for a long period of time, decided to take on the shale producers in 2014, ramping up its output in a bid to force shale producers to reduce their investment and output. This eventually occurred in 2016.”

“We’ve Come Too Far, There’s Too Much To Lose!” Composure Key As World War III Beckons

If ever there were a time when the phrase “that escalated quickly” was appropriate, this is it. Following Rex Tillerson’s 2:50 EST impromptu press conference on Thursday afternoon at which the Secretary of State seemed to telegraph an imminent US military response to the chemical attack in Idlib, markets wobbled, but managed to make it…