Just How Concerned Is America About Trump And Russia? It Depends

“In an earlier post, I explained how polling data on the Russia investigation underscores the degree to which partisanship taints Americans’ assessment of security politics.”


FBI Counter-intelligence Agent Reveals The “Most Explosive Aspect” Of Comey Testimony

” In the nine times Trump met with or called Comey, it was always to discuss how the investigation into Russia’s election interference was affecting him personally, rather than the security of the country. He apparently cared little about understanding either the magnitude of the Russian intelligence threat, or how the FBI might be able to prevent another attack in future elections.”

Storm Clouds Gather As Trump Headline Risk, Terror Attack Battle Econ Data For Market’s Heart

Well, this market’s mettle is being tested. Again. On Monday evening we got what might fairly be described as the worst kind of double-whammy: a WaPo report containing new revelations about Donald Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice in the Russia probe and a terrorist attack that killed 22 people in Manchester. The knee-jerk risk-off move…