(Price) War Is Hell.

(Price) War Is Hell.

One day after oil prices plunged the most since 1991, the Saudis let Russia know they're serious about the oil price war. Over the weekend, Aramco hiked OSPs in the opening salvo of an economic conflict that upended global markets and triggered the worst day for Wall Street since the financial crisis. On Tuesday, the state behemoth confirmed plans to orchestrate a giant output hike. Aramco will supply a record 12.3 million b/d next month, representing a 25%+ increase from February, when the Sa
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One thought on “(Price) War Is Hell.

  1. I am not convinced there is no collaboration between Russia and the Saudi Monarchy on this so called price war… A chance (strong one) exists that the recent Developments in Saudi Royal family are a reaction to a CIA type plot against Bin Salman and that is not too different from the palace coup against Erdogan three years ago which the Russians helped foil….. Motivations regards US Shale are common to both in this case…

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