‘We Call Upon Our Brothers And Russia Not To Appease Trump’: Iran Says 3 Members Will Veto OPEC Supply Hike

“We as Iran, and I hear Iraq and Venezuela, are against any increase in OPEC production.”


‘The Tweet Moved The Saudis’: How Trump Arrested The Oil Rally

“Loud and clear”.

Or at least “loud.”

Iran Thinks Trump Has Secret Plan With ‘Some OPEC Members’ To Drive Up Oil Prices

I mean, I guess you never know.

David Stockman: Trump Is ‘Piling One Delusion Upon Another’

“Stated differently, the Orange Comb-Over is definitely not making America Great Again.”

It’s Time To Talk About Petrodollar Flows

If you do the math there, that means that in the space of just two years, there was a ~$400 billion decline in reserve accumulation from oil exporters. That’s “QT” – depending of course on what they’re accumulating.

Bad Things Come In 3s.

This was just the kind of day that makes you dread the rest of the week.

Here’s Why Russia Sanctions Are ‘A Game Changer’ For OPEC

“…one very good reason to deepen its ongoing cooperation with OPEC.”

‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).

For Markets, Geopolitics Grabs Center Stage – Who’s Excited?!

After all, the market’s muted response to geopolitical turmoil in 2016 and 2017 was in large part down to the central bank put, which is now in question. And it goes without saying that the low vol. regime seems to have come to an end over the past couple of months. 

Guess What? The Saudis Have ‘An Ambition’ For $80 Oil

And hey, who better than the Saudis, right?

Face The Music.

In terms of news flow on Tuesday, everything took a backseat to Facebook and the worsening Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is spiraling rapidly out of control.

‘We Do Not Talk, We Act’: Israeli Shares Under Pressure Amid Serious Escalation In Syria

“We will continue to strike at every attempt to strike at us. This has been our policy and it will remain our policy.”

Mideast Stocks Slide As World Markets Respond To Wall Street Rout

“There is selling pressure and profit-taking across the board.”

Kingdom Holding Soars After Alwaleed Released From Harsh Confines Of The Ritz-Carlton

That right there is the biggest gain since November of 2014.

Free At Last! Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Returns Home After Being Locked In Ritz-Carlton For Three Months

“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty I am free at last!”