The ‘Most Important Week Of The Year’? Full Week Ahead Preview

I doubt it, but as Trump would say, “we’ll see what happens”…


Face The Music.

In terms of news flow on Tuesday, everything took a backseat to Facebook and the worsening Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is spiraling rapidly out of control.

‘They All Settled To Get Out’: Saudi Arabia Frees ‘Dozens’ From The Ritz-Carlton

Not surprisingly, none of them could be reached for comment and attempts to reach the Saudi government were not successful.

The Price For Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal’s Freedom Is Revealed…

“He wants a proper investigation. It is expected that al-Waleed will give MBS a hard time.”

‘Khamenei Is The New Hitler’: Mohammed Bin Salman Regales Thomas Friedman

Someone thought it was a good idea to send Thomas Friedman to Riyadh to interview Mohammed bin Salman…

‘Stick ‘Em Up!’ $100 Billion To Be Recovered In Saudi Crackdown, Probe Widens To Military Officers

“Stick ’em up you rascals!” 

Abdication Is ‘Unthinkable’: Saudis Insist King Salman Won’t Relinquish Throne

“There is no possibility whatsoever that the king will abdicate,’’ one official said, in response to written questions on Sunday, adding that Saudi kings are in the habit of remaining in power even when they’re sick and besides, King Salman “enjoys perfect physical and mental powers.”

Who Wants To Buy Some Saudi Stocks Just As The Region Descends Into Chaos?!

Any takers?

Can You Feel The Tension?

Nobody strike a match.

The Great Quid Pro Quo: Trump, Bin Salman, Kushner And The ‘Milk People’

“…the two princes are said to have stayed up until nearly 4 a.m. several nights, swapping stories and planning strategy.”

All’s Well That Ends In An Epic Mideast Death Match.

Tension is running high on Monday…

The Saudi Purge: What Are The Implications For Oil?

“Take that with a grain of salt though, because remember: nothing that should matter ever matters anymore.”

Geopolitics & Wild Cards: Full Week Ahead Preview

Geopolitics is back in the spotlight to start the week.

The Saudi Purge: Everything You Need To Know About Alwaleed And Bin Salman’s ‘Unprecedented’ Power Grab

Bow down.