Donald Trump’s Dictator Flattery Tour

Donald Trump’s Dictator Flattery Tour

When Donald Trump returns to the US from his Asian jaunt, the president's critics will invariably accuse him of pandering to dictators and strongmen. Trump's affinity for authoritarians is one of the defining features of his presidency and it's never been completely clear whether his penchant for deference to leaders like Turkey's Erdogan, Egypt's El-Sisi and, of course, Vladimir Putin, is due more to fascination, admiration and respect or more to a combination of fear and ignorance. Pandering
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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Dictator Flattery Tour

  1. The most embarrassing moment since cancelling of Team Spirit. Nothing has changed in North Korea to justify providing them with this reward. Trump is the best propagation tool North Korea has ever had.

    -Served on the Z.

  2. With Xi, it’s not entirely fair to lambast Trump’s trade war and then turn around and criticize him for trying to deescalate it

    If you are going around calling yourself “Tariff Man” and then you back down when someone stands up to you. Then yeah, you deserve the ridicule you get. If you are going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.

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