Which One Of You Is Buying South Korean Stocks Now That The Nuclear War Has Been Postponed?

News that Donald Trump is prepared to meet Kim Jong-Un for what will undoubtedly be one of the most hilarious photo ops in political history was enough to help Asian shares close the week on a high note. 


Kim Jong-Un, Trump To Meet ‘By May’


North Korea Responds: Calls Trump’s ‘Button’ Threat The ‘Spasm Of A Lunatic’ Congratulates Wolff On Book Sales

“He is making (a) bluff only to be diagnosed as a psychopath.”

‘Tremendous Benefits’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, who’s ready to grab the new week by the…

Ignore That Raging Dumpster Fire.

Just try not to focus on that, ok?

Trump Threatens To Nuke North Korea Using His Bigger, More Powerful, Working ‘Button’

Well fast forward to Tuesday evening and Donald Trump has just unleashed what is easily his most egregious tweet ever.

Trump: ‘I Would NEVER Call Kim Jong-Un Short And Fat’

Where to begin?

North Korea Not Interested In Diplomacy Until It Can Hit U.S. East Coast With Missile: CNN

Pyongyang is sticking to their “commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching all the way to the East coast of the mainland US.”

Relax: Rex Tillerson Is Going To Wait Until ‘The First Bomb Drops’ To Nuke North Korea

Another day, another ultimately futile effort from Trump officials to walk back angry presidential tweets. 

Highway To The Danger Zone: Full Week Ahead Preview

Good luck.

Trump On North Korea: ‘Sorry, But Only One Thing Will Work!’

Another weekend, another threat from the President of the United States issued via social media.

Calm Before The Storm.

Although you’d be forgiven for asking where the “calm” was.

Markets Hit As New North Korea Missile Headline Lights Up Twitter

“…they even gave us calculations.”

‘Nightmare Scenario’: 2.1 Million Dead If North Korea Conducts Nuclear Strike On Seoul, Tokyo

“According to the calculations presented below, if the “unthinkable” happened, nuclear detonations over Seoul and Tokyo with North Korea’s current estimated weapon yields could result in as many as 2.1 million fatalities and 7.7 million injuries.”

Jimmy Carter: Here’s What I Know About North Korea

“There is no remaining chance that it will agree to a total denuclearization, as it has seen what happened in a denuclearized Libya and assessed the doubtful status of U.S. adherence to the Iran nuclear agreement.”