China Rolling Over + Ballistic Missile Test By Hermit Regime = “Monday Risk-Friendly Tone”

“The weekend news – softer industrial production, Capex and retail sales in China, higher oil prices as Saudi Arabia and Russia agree that output cuts should be extended through Q1 2018, a North Korean ballistic missile test – sees us start in mild risk-friendly tone.”


Traders Be Like “WTF?!” As Trump Is Desperate Despot, Nuclear War Beckons

So the elephant in the room is clearly Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey who is (wait, “was”) conducting an investigation into the administration’s ties to Moscow. There’s also the imminent threat of another nuclear test from North Korea but, in a testament to how surreal the geopolitical picture has become, “nuclear war”…

It’s Too Quiet: Except For China. And South Korea. And Collapsing Metals.

It’s Tuesday, and they’re voting in South Korea. There’s an annoying power vacuum over there at a precarious time. Here’s a deliberately deadpan rundown: Turns out the former president – Park Geun-hye – was bribing people and abusing her power and shit like that. She’s in jail and apparently is refusing to vote. So that’s fun. Turnout is…

SocGen’s Kit Juckes Is “Back From The Alps”: Here’s His Quick Pocket Guide To An Uncertain Market

The tough thing about a market dominated by geopolitical concerns is that geopolitics is country- or at least region-specific. There’s nuance, idiosyncrasies, thousands of years of history peculiar to this country or that, religious undercurrents, etc., etc. You have to take all of that into account when trying to make sense of markets in the context of multiple geopolitical powder kegs.

As North Korea Displays Missiles, Some Perspective

Remember how about 24 hours ago everyone was sure – sure – that North Korea was going to nuke Seoul, launch “sarin-tipped” missiles at Japan, and/or wipe Hawaii off the face of the earth on Saturday, the 105th anniversary of founder and former leader Kim Il-sung? Yeah, well they didn’t. As you’ve undoubtedly heard by…