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After Seven Short Decades, North And South Korea To End War – Trump Hails Great Day For Trump

Who came out better here?

Who came out better here?
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10 comments on “After Seven Short Decades, North And South Korea To End War – Trump Hails Great Day For Trump

  1. If the final result is peace on the Korean peninsula then it really doesn’t matter who wants to spin it – at the end of the day everyone will have to give and take. Negotiations involve lots of getting nearer, getting further apart. Even if it looks like negotiations have broken down they often have not. Just part of a process. This MAY all end in tears but it is churlish to be trapped by the past and not hold out some hope for something different this time. Even if it fails, it is far better for all concerned (and remember this is NOT about politicians but the lives and well-being of millons of Koreans) to have, at least, tried. What seems to be missed is that the more Kim steps out and opens doors the harder it is for him to do a complete about-face. People need to get out on their mental prisons of the past and look for ways that can work now. It is not far-fetched to believe that Kim very much wants to completely open up North Korea – he was schooled in and lived in Switzerland for many years, he knows the West and it just may be that he TOO has found it hard to see a way forward (it’s not only the US and South Korea making demands but Japan and Russia also trying to influence Kim toward their own ends – not everyone wants Kim to find a solution – perhaps a way is starting to be glimpsed now. But, he (as in the N Korean leaders) has legitimate fears about the US and what it does to countries that give up their nuclear weapons. The US has just as much need to escape it’s mental prison and past when it comes to the Korean peninsula and, so far, things are moving in a positive direction. We need, as humans, to be pleased about that.

  2. Anonymous

    I can see it now, President Trump clumsily collecting the Noble Peace Prize in cuffs by Mueller. MAGA

  3. N Korea must change the way they treat their citizens! Absolute requirement!
    Do not give trump any prize as a reward for his horrible behavior — that would be like fertilizing a stinkweed.

  4. Oh the US military industrial complex and its deep state operatives will vehemently object to this! Time again to launch another chemical attack killing many foreign civilians and blame their government, then launch hundreds of missiles to destroy the evidence before UN inspectors ascertain was US backed rebels again.

    • I beg your pardon? please restate that comment — are you actually saying US is behind this attack and killing of innocent people?!?

      • Not directly. Don’t know. And can’t know now. Just a widely believed theory with some similarities to gulf of tonkin. Mainly because it made no sense for the victorious syrian regime to do it, but (sadly) much sense for a losing rebel group or some other interests who stood to benefit from a strike and escalation. Fortunately the escalation hasn’t occurred yet.

        • So, you don’t know shit but you feel it is perfectly ok for you to make such a reprehensible statement? Fuck you.

          • Yeah it’s reprehensible but just maybe it’s also how some think.

            We know the US has attacked sovereign nations and killed many innocents when it “don’t know shit”, and worse, has even made up shit to launch deadly attacks, like in Iraq and SE Asia. Including killing some of my people previously. That’s “reprehensible”.

            We also know that that China and India (and Russia) believe that the Syrian gas attacks (twice in 12 months) were conducted by US and/or Israeli sponsored rebels/agents, per a statement from the Xi-Modi summit at Wuhan this past week as reported in Eyeshenzen (Chinese) for example. They’ve no hard evidence and it’s apparently destroyed now but I favour their credibility over some in the white house & pentagon and the neocon chickenhawks in the defense dept & deep state. Or the military-industrial complex war-profiteers that Eisenhower warned about.

  5. There’s great psychological dissonance where one knows that Trump is a totally dangerous idiotic moron while observing that his most outrageous and reckless actions of demeaning, threatening and sanctioning Kim extremely, “COULD,” end up being more successful than imagined since Trump risked starting WWIII with his narcissistic and idiotic gambit. That dissonance also causes physical and mental discomfort for those who find distaste and difficultly in giving him “credit,” for anything that others deem a favorable outcome, since doing so simultaneously may attribute to him an ounce of brain power when it’s universally understood he is definitely brainless (A mental condition confirmed by my pal, Ronny Jackson, who told me so while sober).

    So, my Rx for you is to lean back, take a breath, be patient and just hope that the Koreans make peace on November 13, 2018, Mueller indicts Donald, Donald Jr., Kushner, Nunes, Assange, and the rest on October 31, 2018, the Democrats win by a landslide on November 6, 2018, and the Attorneys General of New York and Virginia indict one, some or all of these men: Manafort, Flynn, Donald, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Kushner, Nunes, Assange and the rest on November 7, 2018.

    A man can hope, right?

    • I am way past hope — I am already on my knees in prayer!

      President Moon Jae-in deserves all the credit – he is the one who calmed Kim Jong-un and is hopefully bringing peace to all of Korea. 🙂

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