‘Tremendous Benefits’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, who’s ready to grab the new week by the…


Oh, The Humanity! Asian Shares Dive As Tech Wreck Wreaks Havoc On Hong Kong

Well on Wednesday, things got worse – and materially so. 

Tech Selloff Hits Hong Kong As Tencent Tumbles Out Of Half-Trillion Club

“Today’s turmoil in the region’s tech stocks was sparked by the sell-off in their peers on Wall Street last night.”

‘It’s Worrying That One Report Can Do This’: Samsung Downgrade Triggers Foreign Exodus From Korea Shares

That would be the biggest exodus of overseas money since August 11, in the immediate aftermath of “fire and fury.”

Leftovers: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, look: if you’re still hungover from a combination of turkey, greasy mashed potatoes, and copious amounts of not-quite-top-shelf red wine, it’s time to snap out of it because last week is melting into this week as tends to happen historically on Sundays.

What Global Selloff?

“…the nagging fear that the boy who cried wolf was only telling the truth when everyone had learnt to ignore him.”

‘You Know What? It’s Fine.’

There’s always tomorrow…

Tennessee Is 137,000 Retirees Worth Of Sure That South Korea Isn’t Going To Get Nuked

Famous last words? “The long-term history with this situation is that it’s a lot of posturing and not much reality.”

Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don’t worry about the orange man.


Come one, come all.

‘Robot Monster’: Pricing In ‘Physical Annihilation’

“I cannot — yet I must. How do you calculate that? At what point on the graph do ‘must’ and ‘cannot’ meet?”

One Trader Doesn’t ‘Have A Clue’ But He’s Sure There’s ‘A Serious Amount Of Scary’ Out There

“On the other hand, there’s a serious amount of scary, or at the very least, disappointing, happenings out there.”

As McMaster Warns Of ‘Ugly Scenarios’, South Korean Stocks Fall For Sixth Day In A Row

The read-through there appears to be that Trump is discovering why it’s difficult to draw “red lines.” You draw one, someone crosses it, and then you either have to bomb them or back down.

‘Tell That To Rain Man’

“Either way, you gotta be super smart to run a country and sell vol. buddy, okay? It’s not easy.”

‘North Korea’s H-Bomb Threat Has Limited Impact’ Analyst Imagines

And it got still more ridiculous.