Goldman: Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ Tweets Matter More For VIX Than Actual Missiles

“…to judge how the VIX will react to the next North Korean testing, it will likely be more important to anticipate Trump’s Twitter reaction than to judge the implications of the test itself.”


North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile, USDJPY Erases Gain


Trump: ‘I Would NEVER Call Kim Jong-Un Short And Fat’

Where to begin?

Jimmy Carter: No Evidence Russia Changed The Election, We Voted For Bernie

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes.”

The Situation Remains Fluid.

If you were looking for clarity on anything, today was most assuredly not your day.

North Korea Not Interested In Diplomacy Until It Can Hit U.S. East Coast With Missile: CNN

Pyongyang is sticking to their “commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching all the way to the East coast of the mainland US.”

Relax: Rex Tillerson Is Going To Wait Until ‘The First Bomb Drops’ To Nuke North Korea

Another day, another ultimately futile effort from Trump officials to walk back angry presidential tweets. 

North Korea Moves Missiles, Says ‘War Maniac’ Trump Is ‘Making The Situation So Dangerous’

And speaking of things that are laughable, KCNA was out on Saturday with some further “commentary” on the upcoming joint naval drills. 

Earthquake Detected In North Korea; ‘Tremors’ Detected In USDJPY

This event occurred in the area of the previous North Korean Nuclear tests

Tennessee Is 137,000 Retirees Worth Of Sure That South Korea Isn’t Going To Get Nuked

Famous last words? “The long-term history with this situation is that it’s a lot of posturing and not much reality.”

Highway To The Danger Zone: Full Week Ahead Preview

Good luck.

Trump On North Korea: ‘Sorry, But Only One Thing Will Work!’

Another weekend, another threat from the President of the United States issued via social media.

Calm Before The Storm.

Although you’d be forgiven for asking where the “calm” was.

Markets Hit As New North Korea Missile Headline Lights Up Twitter

“…they even gave us calculations.”

‘Nightmare Scenario’: 2.1 Million Dead If North Korea Conducts Nuclear Strike On Seoul, Tokyo

“According to the calculations presented below, if the “unthinkable” happened, nuclear detonations over Seoul and Tokyo with North Korea’s current estimated weapon yields could result in as many as 2.1 million fatalities and 7.7 million injuries.”