And Now North Korea Will Dispute Trump’s Account Of Collapsed Nuke Talks

And Now North Korea Will Dispute Trump’s Account Of Collapsed Nuke Talks

I guess it took two meetings for him to realize [it]. That's what Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday, commenting on the breakdown in talks between the Trump administration and North Korea. Specifically, she was referring to Kim's apparent unwillingness to denuclearize. To be sure, Trump did win some lukewarm Democratic plaudits for walking away from the talks in Vietnam. Chuck Schumer, for instance, said the president "did the right thing". And of course, Republicans tried to pretend as though Tru
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12 thoughts on “And Now North Korea Will Dispute Trump’s Account Of Collapsed Nuke Talks

  1. There has been very recent news coverage that food supply issued to each N Korean has been significantly reduced, partially due to imposed sanctions and more people are now starving to death.

    A psychopath is incapable of emoting concern for any living creature, animal or man. Both of these alleged leaders are extreme egocentric lying psychopaths and I think they are both telling only partial truths. Even if Kim said he would denuke, most likely he would never. Trump is much too distracted with his personal problems to really give a crap about any other pretense.

  2. This country must stop playing empire and governing through imperialism. Perhaps the lifting of sanctions and signing a peace treaty (after 70 friggin’ years) are what is needed. Enough! Live and let live; after all, the only losers throughout history are the common man.

      1. Munich provided a lesson in history. It didn’t provide ALL of the lessons. There is a difference between not letting innocent civilians starve and giving North Korea the Sudetenland.

        1. You’re right about that. We didn’t learn the lesson after the West’s sanctions on Iraq (before the invasion) killed countless innocent civilians. It is a fine balance; not let people suffer and remove the murderous psychopath. If you feed the people, you cement his position. We don’t really know what to do.

          1. Correct. This situation is, effectively, at the core of what a real President (the previous one) was trying to tell the current (impstor) President when he advised him the North Korea was the single biggest challenge to be addressed…… Don’t think Trump will have learned what good advice thatbwas, much less ever admit it publically.

  3. Is this picture getting clearer or more cloudy?

    What if Trump never intended to get KJU to de-nuke? What if this was all for show? Trump abandoned the whole deal way too quickly which I find suspicious.
    Trump just let KJU/China maintain their nuclear power in the region. Trump just did a favor for Xi – another of Trump’s autocrat best buds despite the trade war.

    We also know that “national security” is not one of Trump’s concerns because he ordered the FBI/CIA/John Kelly to give Jared Kushner top security clearance, and we see what Jared is doing with this clearance.

    Michael Cohen told us this week that we’re already living in an autocracy under Trump, and that if Trump lost, there would not be a peaceful transition of power.

    And Trump pronounces the Press / NYT the “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE”

    The whole Trump thing is becoming more terrifying by the day just when we thought that wasn’t possible.
    And it’s happening fast.

    1. The only hope America has is if enough republican Senators grow some conscience and start looking for the truth. Their display at the Cohen hearing was despicable. It wasn’t even imaginative; trotting out a silent black person as proof that Tiny isn’t a racist–in spite of all the racist shit that has fallen out of his tiny mouth–was tantamount to putting a black, lantern-holding lawn-ornament on his desk.

      When Tiny was first elected, I commented to my friends that this was proof the civil war in America had never really ended. They laughed. No one is laughing now.

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