Trump ‘Moved On Kim, Actually’ – But He ‘Couldn’t Get There’

Trump ‘Moved On Kim, Actually’ – But He ‘Couldn’t Get There’

Well, the "art of the deal" came up short in Hanoi. To be fair, it would be disingenuous of Donald Trump's critics to fault him for being too trusting with regard to North Korea's purported commitment to denuclearization only to turn around and lampoon him for walking out on Kim Jong-Un over Pyongyang's request for sanctions relief. Indeed, the collapse of talks in Vietnam on Thursday will invariably be celebrated by experts who actually know something about the history of this intractable geo
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5 thoughts on “Trump ‘Moved On Kim, Actually’ – But He ‘Couldn’t Get There’

  1. It was a great summit. The best. There’s never been a summit like it. Kimbo was fabulous. He’s highly intelligent. With a great sense of style. I think we got on. There was plenty of progress made. He explained how to cut your own hair, which will be a great saver for the American people.

  2. Way back in the 60’s when he faked his bone spurs to avoid Vietnam, even bragging about it to Cohen many years later, something about not being stupid and going to Vietnam, he was a coward. Topping that he has boasted to Howard Stern that his personal Vietnam was avoiding contracting a sexually transmitted killer disease.

    Isn’t it a bit ironic that while he finally makes a trip to Vietnam, he gets killed in Washington when his ugly truths are exposed.

    Karma 😎

  3. His trip to Hanoi was a diversion; however it didn’t work out as intended, as America’s (and the World’s) attention was diverted from POTUS to Michael Cohen. SAD!

    Trump never should have gone to meet Kim in the first place as his State Dept. Special Envoy to North Korea had made NO PROGRESS on getting North Korea to give up their nuclear threat. That’s all that keeps Kim in power.

    However the Donald’s modest ego got in the way, as Kim wrote elegant letters to Trump, calling POTUS “Your Excellency.” The great ‘deal maker’ met his match. How humiliating!

    1. Probably pissed-off Kim by responding to Kim’s elegant letters by sending him 50%-off coupons for cheeseburgers at the Hanoi MacD’s……

  4. Trump’s “Art of the Deal” is to overpay and claim victory while probably screwing vendors, suppliers, contractors, employees, ins companies, govts, etc to recoup his poor “negotiating skills”. This time it looks to have hopefully failed giving the USA a short term win and probably making Trump look better in an unintended way. Let’s hope he has learned something rather than get more desperate.

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