Trump Is The First MMT President, One Trader Says

Trump Is The First MMT President, One Trader Says

Read more from The Macro Tourist I have become fascinated by MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). Sure, you can crap all over it, but I am not so sure there isn’t much to learn by opening your mind to the idea that some of the ways we think about economic theory might be wrong. Too many pundits look at provocative headlines emanating out of the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and simply chalk up MMT as socialism-disguised-as-economic-theory that needs to be quickly squashed before we end u
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4 thoughts on “Trump Is The First MMT President, One Trader Says

  1. Wait… does Trump actually think rational thoughts re monetary policy vs fiscal discipline? I guess you could argue he’s an MMT’er, but I think he goes with his ‘large brain’ and his ‘gut’, both of which say “I like free money and low taxes, and if I like it it’s obviously a GOLD PLATED policy!”

    Regardless, he’s a bumbling idiotic criminal. I can’t stand him or his enablers, but my guess is he will most likely be re-elected. And if he’s impeached, he’ll probably actually grow his ‘base’ and will win by an even greater margin against a divided & vilified Dem party.

  2. Yeah, he‘s probably an MMT‘er by accident. He is most certainly not having rational thoughts re monetary policy.
    That‘s way above his head. Also, it would require some deliberation and listening to experts.

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