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Mike Pompeo Clears Up North Korea Confusion: Says ‘The World Is Gangster’, ‘Refuses’ To ‘Go Nuts’

I'm not sure this helps.

I'm not sure this helps.
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3 comments on “Mike Pompeo Clears Up North Korea Confusion: Says ‘The World Is Gangster’, ‘Refuses’ To ‘Go Nuts’

  1. Anonymous

    Another incompetent boob among a cast of humdreds.

  2. Error404

    “(the use of combative terminology aimed at casting the rest of the humanity as a cabal of cruel robbers hell-bent on destroying the country).”

    Seems a decent enough working assumption to me. Afghanistan…..Iraq…….Libya……Syria…….Iran come to mind. Perhaps when the UN starts trying to denuclearise (is that a Scrabble word now??) India, Pakistan, and Israel, Kim will be on shakier ground. Until then, he looks less mad than the other nutters in this reality geopolitics show.

  3. So, reason this out. One guy IS a gangster. (Pompeo speaks for) The other guy just pretends he is a gangster.

    One guy is known to have killed people or had them killed on command, in bloody horrible public displays.

    The other guy almost fell off the podium when he had a knee-jerk reaction to run into the arms of his secret service protective agents when he thought some person in his campaign rally crowd was gonna jump on the podium.

    I think that “other guy” should be careful who he is name-calling.

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