Trump Wakes Up, Details Imaginary North Korea War, MS-13 ‘Infestation’, Obama’s ‘Big, Bad’ Iran Citizenship Plot

Trump’s getting crazier every week. It feels like he is on a highway driving against the traffic and is pushing the gas pedal. All the cars are moving to the shoulders to avoid confusion, but there’s bound to be a truck which won’t be able to get out of the way quickly.

That’s from a brief conversation I had on Monday evening with someone who is a lot smarter than I am when it comes to both markets and politics and it paints a hilariously apt picture.

In a lot of respects, geopolitics is the science of competing interests and as such, there’s always an element of confusion. But rarely is it the case that one actor is seemingly at odds with everyone at once.

Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a country that is on unequivocally good terms with Donald Trump. Between the tariffs and the push to compel the world to cut imports of Iranian crude to zero, the Trump administration is quite literally in conflict with everyone from Canada to Mexico to America’s European allies to Turkey to India to Japan to South Korea.

Even Russia became, to a certain extent, a victim of its own “success” earlier this year when the ruble plunged along with Russian equities amid harsh sanctions and worries that Steve Mnuchin’s Treasury might end up going the “nuclear route” by sanctioning government debt. That episode also upended the metals market by throwing Rusal’s future into doubt.

On Tuesday morning, amid rampant uncertainty over everything from immigration to trade, Trump took to Twitter to deliver a series of wild accusations, unfounded claims and just generalized insanity.

Remember how, last month, the media lambasted the President for implicitly referring to immigrants as insects when he described the current situation as an “infestation”? Yeah, well you’d think he would avoid that kind of language going forward, but instead, he doubled down, tweeting this:

Now for one thing, that is just dog-whistling and race-baiting. He attaches the MS-13 bogeyman in order to give himself an out, but everyone knows what he means – the idea there is to characterize immigrants as invaders.

But even if you take that at face value (that is, give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s only talking about violent gangs) there is no “infestation” of MS-13 gang members. When was the last time you saw an MS-13 gang member? Would you even know what one looked like if you did see one? This is completely silly. America isn’t being taken over by MS-13. He keeps saying that and it just isn’t true.

Again, the point there is to identify all immigrants with violent gangs in order to whip the base into a frenzy and if you don’t think that’s the case, well then note how he attaches the ICE debate and the Democrats and “Nov.” there at the end. He went on to (again) accuse Democrats of wanting to “rip apart” law enforcement, a truly egregious claim that again serves to make his deluded followers believe that the opposition party is actually in favor of rampant lawlessness.

Speaking of the “opposition party”, he repeated the dangerous contention that the media is the enemy of the people. Specifically, he seems to be upset at multiple reports suggesting North Korea is again ramping up its weapons program, and instead of confronting that reality, he insists it’s “Fake News”. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he makes the outlandish claim that if it weren’t for him, America “would be at war with North Korea”:

That’s coming from the man who, in September (at the UN, no less) literally threatened to drop a nuclear bomb on the country and said, in a tweet, that North Korea “won’t be around much longer”:

Finally, for the grand finale, he parroted a Fox News story about Obama granting citizenship to Iranians as part of the JCPOA and if you go back and read the original, it cites a FARS interview with Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour. So now America is being force fed Iranian propaganda.

That was hardly the end of it. There were at least three more tweets this morning (one of which was about Maxine Waters the “crazy wounded animal”) and you can bet they’ll be a half dozen more by the end of the day.

Again, there’s an unhinged person driving up the wrong side of the highway and no matter how many times the couple in the car on the right side of the divider tries to tell him he’s “going the wrong way!” he continues to channel his inner Del Griffith: “Oh, they’re drunk, how do they know where I’m going?!

We’re all Neal Page.


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7 thoughts on “Trump Wakes Up, Details Imaginary North Korea War, MS-13 ‘Infestation’, Obama’s ‘Big, Bad’ Iran Citizenship Plot

  1. “Trump’s getting crazier every week. It feels like he is on a highway driving against the traffic and is pushing the gas pedal. All the cars are moving to the shoulders to avoid confusion, but there’s bound to be a truck which won’t be able to get out of the way quickly.”

    The truck?
    It’s a ceiling.
    It’s a wall.
    It’s a sinkhole.

    All such things, forces or people like Destructo come to an end and not by “its” own choice.

    In Buddhist terms it’s known as Annica: the belief that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing; literally: impermanent. And so it shall be with him. He’s a flash in the pan. Concededly, his flash has done considerable damage. But as quickly as he appeared that how quickly the flash will cease when he hits his ceiling or wall or sinkhole.
    And it will happen sooner than you expect and but not as soon as you wish.

  2. For a clear-eyed explanation of how we got here, I highly recommend Adam Curtis’ “HyperNormalisation” documentary on YouTube.


      A.I. — I went to youtube and checked it out — scrolling thru the choices to watch, I see most are 2 to 3 hours in length! Cannot do that BUT I did come across one – I pasted it above – about 11 min and easy to do – very interesting and time flew! It seemed to have the full story of how/why America let this happen, how it happened; even with comments from Putin and the 2011 Seth Meyers podium bit and trump never cracked a smile.

      The scene with the small angry group ranting in the street, especially the tattooed jerk-wad was the beginning of the growing trump base. The primary campaign of trump and all the garbage he spewed – the purpose was to build that base – it is said in this piece that “angry people click” and his base grew and lead to his winning the primary – which set it all up as we have now.

      It is true that ANGRY PEOPLE CLICK and I expect that will come back to haunt this prick. I do believe that now there are far more angry people that really hate him. We already see the awful growth of hate and the division it is causing and I absolutely believe his supporters will be the losers.


      1. Murphy,

        That was a nice find. I still have to go back and re-watch the full doc because there is so much info in there. Unfortunately, I have come to the cynical conclusion that people are just “fucking stupid” and we are now an “idiocracy”. I don’t know what to do about it. I guess our only hope is that the 60% who aren’t total idiots will vote this disgusting piece of narcissistic shit out of our lives soon.

        1. I can add another ‘how this happened’ … the huge overwhelming majority of The United States have faith in our country, accept and appreciate our freedoms, have had only a couple of small (in comparison!) ripples in our leadership, are compassionate and intelligent population … so we never even considered it a possibility that disgusting human had a chance to win, not even the primaries. I’m not sure who would have taken that prize even if dimwit was not among them!

          So, millions of intelligent compassionate free people did not get off the couch. Why bother, it was clear that goon would never win – it was obvious he is fucking stupid! By the end of the primaries he had established enough of a base and all their equally malcontents and it was growing – more of them and all believing his lies during the campaign.

          Not to mention the non-stop media blitz due to his incredibly unbalanced rallies and never-before-seen treatment of voting citizens who came to see the circus. Next lesson will be on the Electoral College!

          I believe we have all learned about the slim that lives under the rocks. Do not pick them up and turn them over again.

  3. Insanity is contagious right now, all the slime are coming out from under the rock that have hid them lo these many years. Vote, people vote.

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