‘We Highly Recommend Not Riding This One Out’: As Oil Passes $80, Goldman Reiterates Commodities Case

“And this current rally likely has room to run, particularly from a returns perspective, as the current fundamental backdrop for oil is now more bullish than we had expected as strong demand now faces supply disappointments.”


U.S. Sanctions Hassan Nasrallah, Targets Hezbollah Senior Leadership In Notable Escalation

This will not be well received.

Word Is Bond.

Dat’s yo’ word, son?

Steve Mnuchin’s Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Central Bank Governor For Funneling Money To Soleimani, Quds, Hezbollah

“It is appalling, but not surprising.”

Counting Dollars: Full Week Ahead Preview

Here’s what’s in play.

What Does History Say About Mideast Turmoil, Crude And Inflation?

More questions than answers, as per usual.

Nuclear Football.

And that’s the week.

Iran Thinks Trump Has Secret Plan With ‘Some OPEC Members’ To Drive Up Oil Prices

I mean, I guess you never know.

Forget The Bombs, Buy The Stocks.

Risk on.

The Day After.

One day on…

10Y Yields Are Back Above 3% And Oil Is Surging – What Happens Next?

10Y yields rose above 3% again overnight, so I guess Jamie Dimon is getting closer to being “right” all the time.

Hold My Beer While I Poke This Hornet’s Nest.

Well, he did it.

It’s Official: Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal, Accuses Tehran Of ‘Nuclear Blackmail’


Trump Will Withdraw From Iran Deal, Let Sanctions Go Ahead, Crude Whipsawed

Draw your own conclusions.

Here’s What’s At Stake In Trump’s Tuesday Announcement On The Iran Nuclear Deal

“The ratings will be tremendous.”