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Pompeo, Mnuchin Essentially Outlaw Iran’s Entire Economy

More "maximum" pressure.

More "maximum" pressure.
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6 comments on “Pompeo, Mnuchin Essentially Outlaw Iran’s Entire Economy

  1. This is just ratcheting up what can only be described as an act of economic warfare. In the past it would be enforced with a physical military blockade.

  2. Like both the Economic issue that we (discuss) read about on this website as well as the Geopolitical a key element is Time frame……By this I mean that opposing parties have embedded interests that are in a snails pace change mode. The ability to absorb punishment in Geopolitical events favors the US short term only as long term Eur/Asia integration will alter the landscape and disadvantage the US corroding further the pillars of Western power which are Dollar reserve status and temporary military supremacy

    In the Economic sense the key to the Levitation/manipulation lies in Corporate buybacks, , machine actuated flow based market technology (my term here ) both supported by cheap interest rates that limit options in Capital allocations….( for all but Mega Bucks operators) and control the long term prospects of maintaining the Capitalist system through tools such as (Swift)… Time frame here is also Unidirectional and snail paced… Advantage appears to favor Western interests short term but not long term….

    Flaw in my reasoning is I can’t define what term means ….. We try to learn on this website but this is complex and synopsis can be tough !!!!

  3. I had to chuckle reading this piece because I couldn’t help but think you could substitute Trump for Iran in all the accusations and invective hurled at Iran and be pretty accurate.
    …..the beam in your own eye

  4. Trump seems to be determined to alienate all his Nato allies as well as Russia and China after asking them to withdraw from the JCPA and support his Iran sanctions. His new sanctions aren’t just against IRAN but also add to existing sanctions that affect all JCPA and other country’s companies that do business with the USA or in US Dollars. I reckon that Trump will find that as the “leader” of the Free World, the Free World doesn’t want him as leader.

  5. The biggest issue with the sanctions, both old and new, is that if they are successful in pushing Iran to the brink of economic and civil collapse, any and all restraint on the Iranian regime will be effectively turned off. While the Iranian leadership may choose to negotiate on America’s terms it may choose to use any and all means at its disposal to create a prolonged nightmare of chaos and destruction across the Middle East.

  6. “Maximum” pressure, with a little warmongering and assisinations on the side.

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