U.S. Sanctions Hassan Nasrallah, Targets Hezbollah Senior Leadership In Notable Escalation

This will not be well received.


Beirut, We Have A Problem: Bond Rout Looms As Situation In Lebanon Reaches Tipping Point

“The majority of Lebanese are just paying the price.”

Here Are 5 Geopolitical Risk Factors For Oil

Whither black gold…

The Saudi Purge: What Are The Implications For Oil?

“Take that with a grain of salt though, because remember: nothing that should matter ever matters anymore.”

Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.

‘It’s A Catastrophic Defeat For The U.S.’: Qassem Soleimani Was Behind Kirkuk Assault

“We’re confident that Qassem Soleimani engineered, guided, directed, manipulated this deal.”

The Situation Remains Fluid.

If you were looking for clarity on anything, today was most assuredly not your day.

Monday Bloody Monday.

There will be blood.

Powder Keg Alert: Kurdish Referendum In Focus As Erdogan Threatens Oil Flows, Military Strike

“Our military is not (at the border) for nothing. We could arrive suddenly one night.”

“Shit! I Think We Bit Off More Than We Can Chew”: Explaining Al Qaeda’s Decline

“This failure stands in contrast to the experience of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizballah, which enjoy considerable local support. Both are integrated into the broader Palestinian and Lebanese Shi’a populations of their countries. Hamas is the de facto ruler of Gaza, and Hizballah is part of the Lebanese government. “

“This Is Much More Than A Spat”: What The Qatar Crisis Means For Global Energy Markets

“The latest incident, whereby a group of oil-producing Arab nations has cut ties with neighboring energy-exporting country Qatar, is much more than a simple diplomatic spat. Collectively, the countries involved control 29% of global crude oil and 33% of global liquid natural gas exports.”

Storm Clouds Gather As Trump Headline Risk, Terror Attack Battle Econ Data For Market’s Heart

Well, this market’s mettle is being tested. Again. On Monday evening we got what might fairly be described as the worst kind of double-whammy: a WaPo report containing new revelations about Donald Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice in the Russia probe and a terrorist attack that killed 22 people in Manchester. The knee-jerk risk-off move…

As Trump Ponders 50,000 Troops In Syria, Here’s A Little Perspective On ISIS

Let’s just be clear about one thing: the idea that retaking Raqqa from Islamic State is some kind of monumental task that the US army and its regional allies in Riyadh and Doha couldn’t accomplish in short order if it were absolutely necessary is just silly. The same thing goes for the Russians and Iranians…

Are Dictators Better Than Chaos?

For decades Arab opinion-makers have ascribed a host of regional ills to the West…