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‘Not Enough’: While You Were Focused On Osaka, The More Important Meeting Was In Vienna

“The decision has already been made".

“The decision has already been made".
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4 comments on “‘Not Enough’: While You Were Focused On Osaka, The More Important Meeting Was In Vienna

  1. Totally predictable ……I think the last sentence says that.. This whole deal is not about humanitarian aid…. it is , and was about oil shipments…

  2. diehardchief88

    Is it weird that the anti-Trump bias shines through everytime?
    “Such is life when your calling card is dishonestly, bad faith negotiating and strong-arm tactics.”

    • Tom Swift

      The truth is not bias.
      Unless you are a snowflake trumpon voter.

    • No, it’s not “weird”. the president is a moron. literally. it’s an objective assessment. he is not a smart person and investigative report after investigative report has revealed that he was a colossal failure in the business world, which you didn’t need any investigative reports to understand because, well, because look at Trump U. and Trump Steaks, and his disastrous foray into professional football. And then there are all the bankruptcies and the fact that there is only one major bank on the planet that will deal with him. if you’ve ever found yourself in the company of any connected individuals who have anecdotes about what it’s like to deal with Trump, you’ve known all of this for years. sorry. that is the reality of this situation. if you voted for him and you thought he was telling the truth, you were duped. and, again, everyone who has ever known him in the business world would have told you as much ahead of time. this just is what it is.

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