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‘150 Dead People’: Trump Tells Chuck Todd The Dramatic Story Of Aborted Iran Strikes

"Here we are sitting with 150 dead people."

"Here we are sitting with 150 dead people."
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3 comments on “‘150 Dead People’: Trump Tells Chuck Todd The Dramatic Story Of Aborted Iran Strikes

  1. Yeah 150-0 in favor of US.. We win.. Probably cause none of that Russian crap being fired at us is any good anyway… Might as well try Moscow next no sweat.!! I am begin to notice the retardation is contagious ….yikes!!!!

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton

      For the sake of argument, let’s concede that 150 Iranian lives do not matter. Let us make the asinine, anti-humanist argument that only American lives matter. There are American forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Iranians and Iranian proxy forces in those countries can reach them and kill them. Then there will be an escalation where more people will die, many if not most civilians in a regional conflict that would engulf the Middle East and usher in a global conflict between Sunni and Shi’a that will result in deaths of people even you may care about.

  2. monkfelonious

    “We were cocked and loaded.”

    One of the things that the gun nutz (Bluto supporters) are always bat-shit over is the minutiae of all things guns. For example, they vapor lock over the term ‘assault rifle’ and will always go into numbing detail about how wrong this designation is. I haven’t visited Zero Hedge on this latest presidential drama but I will. There are more gun nutz there than even within the NRA. I’m wondering how they will suffer Bluto’s awful gaff that it is ‘locked and loaded’ and never cocked and loaded, unless talking about something entirely different.

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