World Reacts To Assassination Of Qassem Soleimani: ‘This Is The Worst-Case Scenario’

"Severe retaliation awaits murderers who have the blood of Soleimani and that of other martyrs on their wicked hands from last night’s incident", Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Friday, in a menacing statement following the brazen assassination of the man who singlehandedly reshaped the Middle East and, by many accounts, wielded more power than anyone in the region with the possible exceptions of Mohammed Bin Salman and Recep ErdoÄŸan. Soleimani was killed in an airstrike on Thursday on direct
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9 thoughts on “World Reacts To Assassination Of Qassem Soleimani: ‘This Is The Worst-Case Scenario’

  1. One dead US contractor who was not personally targeted and who well very knew that he was taken a deadly risk going to Iraq, but who no doubt liked the paycheck that comes with this type of job, and a few days later Trump feels the need to murder Soleimani in retaliation. A degutted State Department and a dangerous fool in the White House is all that is needed to get a number of innocent, and plausibly Trump-hating, US citizens killed.

    1. Seems like a fair retaliation. One US citizen equal cut off the head of the snake that bit it. Sure it will grow another head but they will think twice before taking out another citizen. Higher ups don’t mind sacrificing their pawns, but when it equals themselves you’ll find they are a lot like Sadam Hussein was. Run like hell.

      1. Methinks you are not very well versed in the history of Mideast conflicts. Comparing General Soleimani to Saddam suggests you do not know how Soleimani made his name in the world. I would encourage you to look that up. More generally, we would note that the idea of Qassem Soleimani “running” from anyone is wholly ridiculous. I understand not everyone knows the backstory here, but we have provided plenty of links and “Google is your friend”, as they say. Also, we would note that your characterization of Saddam certainly did not apply to his sons. If you recall, they did not “run like hell”. This myth of America the international bad ass is just that – a myth. It was true decades ago (in World War II, most notably), but is now hopelessly diluted by years of imperialism and bungled adventures.

        1. This reply isn’t meant to be condescending, by the way, it’s just to encourage everyone to understand the backstory — this is a historic event. It deserves to be understood as such, not out of some “respect” for Soleimani, but out of respect for the significance of the event itself.

        2. The thing I hate about most things in the Middle East is that everything has a backstory. And the backstories have backstories. Nothing is simple. And nobody gets along. Every time I try to delve into these issues, I always end up with way more questions than when I started.

      2. An eye for an eye. Soleimani’s life is no more important than that of the contractor murdered. Thousands of Americans are dead at the hand of Soleimani. Good riddance and maybe his replacement will have other thoughts than killing Americans.

  2. CNBC goes for it on understatements

    “Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!” the president tweeted. It wasn’t immediately clear what Trump meant by the tweet.

    1. Clearly, as with most things, our fearless leader doesn’t remember his history, if he actually ever went to school. Ask an Iranian who they are and most will tell you they are Persians, and proud of it. They are not Arabs and many are not Muslim, although the government is. Persians have a long proud history going back thousands of years. That elite guard the general led dates back to a time when Persians ruled the world under Darius, before the time of Alexander the Great. That’s a big part of the backstory.

  3. Sometimes the True Heroes are vanquished by the the Utter Fools and such is History as it unravels itself though the halls of time. I have been a student (meant loosely ) of the General for almost 20 years and feel a loss for his Patriotic dedication toward his people ..This has nothing to do with Suleimani being a leader for the ( other ) side and there always is that other side . This is point really about an individual sense of commitment and dedication to principals greater than what pass for National interest , both now and over the eons .
    Suleimani predicted his own death in such an attack not long ago and I fear I did as well knowing the mentality of those who confronted him… Thanking H……. (truly) for help on this one because this will be a ” big deal” much to the detriment of those who choose to take this lightly….and possibly many others as well…Geopolitics Rules !!!!

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