US Kills Qassem Soleimani In Historic Assassination

US Kills Qassem Soleimani In Historic Assassination

The United States has killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force and, by almost all accounts, the most influential military and intelligence operative in the Middle East. Soleimani died in an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport, along with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces. The two men were among more than a half-dozen who perished in the attack. "The American and Israeli enemy is responsible for killing the mujahideen Abu Ma
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18 thoughts on “US Kills Qassem Soleimani In Historic Assassination

  1. “Waging a war [with Iran] will destroy all that you own”, Soleimani cautioned Trump, during a 2018 speech in Hamedan. “You may begin the war, but it us who will end it.” Maybe steer clear of Trump Org properties for the next few months…or years?

  2. Pentagon has DNA to confirm?

    If so,

    Did Iraqi’s sell him out?

    How does this make America safer?

    How does this end wars in the Middle East?

    How are our troops safer?

    I hope they are playing 4 dimensional chess because I have no idea how this is helps advance trump’s supposed objectives of getting out of the ME.

    Will Iran drive the US out of Iraq or will trump’s ego escalate a war in Iraq/Iran?

    As MFN mentions, I too would stay away from trump org props as it may be as much personal as it is about countries.

    Let’s hope calm prevails soon. I prey for our soldiers and diplomats.

    We now have a true crisis, I hope I have been wrong about trump’s ability as a leader.

    1. Oh fuck, didn’t think about that, but prob on the money. The Pentagon prob wanted this bad too though. Literally no better way to send a message and really see whether they wanna test the US.

  3. It will be interesting to watch how Trump & Co. play this re-election war/combat with their financial media outlet staff. They will do anything to accomplish their re-election mission and profit all along the way.

  4. Back in 2015, Soleimani provided the Russians with a plan to combat the various groups arrayed against Bashar Al-Assad, at a time when the Russians largely thought Assad was toast. As part of that plan, the Russians, while saying their air strikes were only targeting ISIS, proceeded to also bomb the crap out of the other insurgent groups fighting to destroy the Assad regime. At the same time, Soleimani was importing thousands of fighters from militias loyal to Iran, such as Hezbollah, to fight on Assad’s behalf. With Assad eventually looking very likely to hang on to power, Putin put forth a peace plan for the region, which involved a heavy Russian presence to monitor compliance. Soleimani has reportedly been resistant to the plan, however, and reluctant to cede any significant Shiite presence in Syria.

    It would seem, then, if the above scenario is truly the case, that Soleimani’s death would be looked upon favorably by Moscow, as a powerful rival for influence in Syria has just been eliminated. I’m not trying to imply that Donald Trump might actually be a Russian asset and that Putin ordered, or at least gave his permission, for the US to kill Soleimani. But one really does have to marvel at how almost everything Trump does — from alienating EU leaders and threatening to destroy NATO, to the stone-cold betrayal of Kurdish and Ukrainian allies — seems to directly benefit the Kremlin. Or is all this just some kind of gigantic, cosmic coincidence?

    1. Excellent. Ask yourself: Why did the U.S. — which under the administrations of Barack Obama and George W. Bush had kicked around the idea of killing Soleimani — pull the trigger this week? (If you believe Pompeo, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.) Why did Lavrov visit Trump in the Oval Office the day after the U.S. House of Representatives voted out articles of impeachment against Trump? And why did Trump look so skittish when he took time off from his golf vacation to give his “rationale” for the hit?

    1. What are the chances Iran targets a U.S. embassy somewhere other than the Middle East? And what do Trump and Pompeo do then? Seems like they’ll have to order up an attack on targets inside Iran. And so it begins — another couple of trillion we don’t have spent on a war we can’t win.

      1. Lindsay Grahams comment regarding oil workers at Iranian facilities should think about getting out of there is an indication of Trumps move if Iran retaliates. Bomb the oil refineries, and probably some nuclear facilities. Considering that Lindsay claims that Trump told him about the attack, I assume that he also told him of his next move.

  5. Heisi,
    Good run down on Qassim’s “assasination”. I saw no mention of all those shaped charged munitions he was instrumental in getting into Iraq to use against the Crusaders (young American men and women). Oh well, it doesn’t fit the narrative I suppose.

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