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Zeinab Soleimani Promises ‘Dark Days’ For American Troops During Breathtakingly Large Funeral In Tehran

"Don’t think that everything is over".

"Don’t think that everything is over".
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11 comments on “Zeinab Soleimani Promises ‘Dark Days’ For American Troops During Breathtakingly Large Funeral In Tehran

  1. Anonymous

    Bomb cultural sites? What a fucking moron. How is that strategic retaliation? I don’t see how that would serve anything other than piss off the populace and turn general opinion even more against the US, from Iran’s population to western allies to China and Russia.

    • It’s called “going full Hun.” Of course, because Trump is the King of BS, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

  2. Lance Manly

    Does Sadr see this vacuum has his chance for ascendancy?

    “I call on Iraqi resistance factions especially, and factions outside of Iraq, to instantly meet to announce the formation of ‘International Resistance Regiments’,” Sadr said in a statement on Sunday.

    He has also reactivated the Mahdi army.

  3. Trumps base is hereby promised invincibility by their fearless leader…….The rest of us are delivered arrogant stupidity… Time will tell the truth of this matter…..

  4. Now that Trump started it, the odds of Iran dragging out a low-grade to mid-grade conflict with US anywhere and everywhere, through to the election (at least)… are 100% i think. Like the Chinese, and our allies, and pretty much everyone else, Iran’s interests are best served by helping Trump screw up his own re-election.

    • Trumps best interests lie in the fact that his base wants overreaction on his part….Overreact he will….!!! That is the true Danger here..

  5. I’m having a hard time believing Trump is smart enough to know these foreign players, their historic roles, and the implications of dealing with them in whatever manner.
    Trump may be giving the word/command, but someone else is directing this. Who are they, and what’s THEIR plan?

  6. At Trumps funeral procession there will be millions dancing in the street. Biggest ever.

  7. Anonymous

    So, who will replace the USA in fighting ISIS in Iraq? Russia, of course, like they have in Syria. I don’t believe that Trump is a Russian agent, just that Putin realised that having Trump in the White House would allow him to expand Russias influence whilst Trump would diminish the USA’s.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Trump as a Russian agent has always been a rather hyperbolic statement. BUT… Trump as someone who could get played like a fiddle by a smart and savvy operator like Putin — absolutely. Experienced poker players love it when a tourist sits down at the table with a big stack o’ chips. The same feeling must have been present in the Kremlin, in Beijing, in Riyadh, etc. in the days following Trump’s election.

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