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Trump ‘Locked And Loaded’ As US Identifies ‘Culprit’ In Saudi Attacks

Unnamed US officials said cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions may have been used in the strikes.

Unnamed US officials said cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions may have been used in the strikes.
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13 comments on “Trump ‘Locked And Loaded’ As US Identifies ‘Culprit’ In Saudi Attacks

  1. If you believe the Saudis, you’re a chump.

  2. As I said before ….this gets to be all about the Big ego and the small brain……………

  3. Time for 5G drone radar, everywhere.

  4. Tactically, why would Iran launch an attack — what is it they gain in this? It’s difficult to believe this was an act of war backed by a sovereign entity, it seems to be more of a derivative act of terrorism, which conveniently does some damage without involving casualties … thus, the aggressive act of war doesn’t seem entirely premeditated, it seems more contrived like a puzzle or chess move. This seems more like an ISIS-like event than Iran launching into a war.

  5. Harvey Cotton

    So with global N.S.A. satellite coverage, several fleets in the region, Saudi air defenses, and countless potential eyewitness, nobody can determine a flight path or point of origin or heat signature or even determine the weapon used? Aren’t there forensic clues at the attack site, or are we relying on what some Kuwaitis may have seen?

    Maybe Venezuela attacked from the West with stealth aircraft provided by Col. Mustard of Khorasan.

  6. Just Confused

    Re: “launch area was west-northwest”

    Those holes look to be in the West side if the oil domes and obviously all the “drones” had the same flight path and exact point of entry, but then again, I’m not an expert but Iran is sorta North East as the magic carpet flies. I guess drones could take leisurely flight paths, but that extra time in the air might make them more detectable. Then again, those holes might be Photoshopped, which also brings up the absurd notion that those holes look so clean and unfragmented, as-if those domes didn’t implode or explode, but then again, I’m not an expert in these things,

    just confused.

  7. Houti rebels have been hitting targets in Saudi with missiles and drones for at least two years. Targets have included airports, oil field facilities, and at least one military parade. Some reports (unconfirmed AFAIK) of drone attacks at Saudi anti-missile radars. Some online groups count 58 drone attacks by Houtis on Saudi so far. The Saudis have intercepted many attacks but others have hit their targets. The missiles and drones are supplied by Iran (there may be other suppliers but Iran is the main one). Iran and Israel are two MidEast countries that are very advanced in attack drones.

    One article with a timeline:

    So these attacks could have been done by Houtis in Yemen, but could also have been done by Houtis in Iraq, or by Iranian forces from either Iraq or Iran.

    The current situation reminds me of the Saddam/WMD claims that led to Iraq War 2. Back then the US government, equipped with a capable defense/intelligence establishment and led by a President who was at least sort of “normal” started a big and so far never-ending war based on claims later proven false.

    Today a US government that has reached new lows for competence, staffing, and professionalism, led by an erratic, impulsive, and possibly senile President, is potentially about to launch strikes on Iran that could escalate into a major shooting war in the Middle East.

    And oil is up only +11%?

  8. Bibi has an election tomorrow. Just saying.

  9. Thanks to all comments so far. This is the kind of sensible analysis we need now; what with all the lies, deception, journalist dismemberment, big brains and small penises that are floating around nowadays.

  10. Lance Manly

    There is a large, and highly repressed, Shia minority in this part of SA. So if someone needs local targeting assistance it is available. What was it, 37 beheadings in one day last spring? It is hard believe that with all our assets in the Gulf no one pick this up on radar.

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