‘Khamenei Is A Murderer!’ Iranians Protest After Government Admits ‘Unforgivable Mistake’ In 737 Disaster

‘Khamenei Is A Murderer!’ Iranians Protest After Government Admits ‘Unforgivable Mistake’ In 737 Disaster

In a stunning admission that caps off a truly dark week for Iran, the country said it shot down the 737 which crashed outside the capital Wednesday, shortly after the IRGC concluded strikes against US targets in Iraq. "Iran’s armed forces went on high alert following US threats to target Iranian sites", the army said in the statement, an apparent allusion to Donald Trump's repeated references to bombing the country last week. "Under such highly sensitive and critical circumstances, the Boein
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6 thoughts on “‘Khamenei Is A Murderer!’ Iranians Protest After Government Admits ‘Unforgivable Mistake’ In 737 Disaster

  1. One might say that the evidence was incontrovertible thus the admission. However it takes a particular quality to admit a mistake. Has Mister Trump ever admitted a mistake ? This sentiment is very tired granted but if people would just sit down and listen. All of this is so stupid.

  2. Decisions have consequences. Donald Trump made a decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement cobbled together by our allies and the Obama administration. This decision was in no small part informed simply by the fact that it was done by Obama and therefore intolerable. 172 innocent people are now dead. Their deaths can be directly tied to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the treaty and pressure Iran to the breaking point. Can anyone argue that the plane would have been shot down anyway if the accord was still in place?
    At the time it occurred, I felt that Trump’s decision to withdraw, was a grave mistake. I couldn’t predict the exact outcomes, but I knew they would be bad. This tragedy is just one consequence of that decision. There have been others and there will be more.
    I believe that this administration has been making decision after decision using faulty logic, emotion, political expediency ,and short term gain in mind. Just like Trump’s bankrupt businesses. The long term consequences of these decisions will be felt for years to come.
    This is why I am extremely leery of the stock market and our current apparently unstoppable economy. Trump’s bankrupt business probably looked like “sure things” too. The decision to explode the deficit with the tax cut, launch multi front trade wars, and let the fed bail us out will have consequences for years to come. When Trump decided to pull out of the nuclear accord, could anyone predict that 172 innocent ives would be lost in the downing of a commercial plane? Of course not. But, I concluded then that nothing good was going to come from it. That is my conclusion on just about everything this administration has done. especially regarding the economiy. Nothing good is going to come from it.

  3. H-Man, they are protesting over the fact 1/2 of the passengers were Iranian. All dead by a country who is protecting Iranians but who shot their own people from the sky. The people they have on the buttons are clearly untrained or demons. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they are probably numb skulls.

  4. H-Man, meanwhile the killing of a general and a miss on second target, fades. All of which bodes well for POTUS. Is it luck or something more sinister? Probably want to know, why one flight when there were many, was targeted? The conspiracy people can run with this one.

  5. “Khamenei is a murderer”? Isn’t the number of people who died in the crash much smaller than the number of protesters killed recently? And didn’t Khamenei actually order those protests to be put down?

  6. Oops. This mistake caused 176 innocent civilians to die. By withdrawing from the nuclear agreement, the US is ending the obligation of Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons. Anyone worried about their next mistake?

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