War Games

War Games

To be fair, decisions on when to impose sanctions or otherwise aggravate irascible international state actors shouldn't depend on what the equity market happens to be doing, but the timing of new measures against Iran and Venezuela left something to be desired on Monday. Amid a mini-crash on Wall Street, the Trump administration rolled out sweeping sanctions aimed at further crippling Iran's ballistic missile program and undermining its nuclear ambitions. While the risk-off mood in markets wasn
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4 thoughts on “War Games

  1. It’s more self-serving political theater by Trump to “look” tough as he sinks in the polls, his legals troubles escalate, and the dead pile up from COVID19. Doesn’t change that he remains a corrupt autocrat to the core: recall Trump defied Congress to push through an arms sale to Saudi Arabia and then fired the OIG officer who started investigating his actions

    1. It is more political theatre, indeed. Being sardonic, I can imagine Kushner saying to the parties of the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement that the U.S. will not support their peace unless the administration can have the win, that being more sanctions on Iran. The parties to the Agreement were like “Ok, Ok, Uncle, all right, if you have to have that for us to sign the accord, then yes, we won’t object.” We’ve now gotten our two-bits out of the Agreement.

      And there is Elliot Abrams, special architect of blunder Iraq War II, in the center of it, as special representative to both Iran and Venezuela.

      These people, Pompeo, Abrams, et al., are incapable of reciting any useful strategy that is in the best interest of America, much less the continuation of Western Civilization past dinner time. Rather, their aim seems as always to be the exhibition of power…without any aim.

    1. I suspect this happens right around the election as Trump is more concerned with securing a win and doesn’t have the energy to respond. Just like Hong Kong, overnight we’ll just wake up to a CCP Taiwan, of course with very politely worded press statements about how this isn’t any sort of violation or act of war because reasons.

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