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Trump Caps Whirlwind Week With Cartoonish Oval Office Scrum, Supreme Court Wall Win

The sheer amount of ground Trump covered on Friday is astonishing.

"This landmark agreement will put the coyotes out of business", Donald Trump told reporters gathered in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon. He was referring to the signing of a safe-third-country agreement with Guatemala, something which actually is a pretty big deal, considering what the administration is trying to do. Guatemala landed in the president's crosshairs earlier this week for failing to follow through on discussions for the agreement, which is designed to cut down on the flow of migrants to the US.  Essentially, it compels asylum seekers from Honduras and El Salvador to claim asylum in Guatemala. Read more: Trump Says He Might Have To Ban ‘Not Good’ Guatemalans To be sure, Guatemala inked the deal under duress. On Tuesday, Trump threatened to hit the country with tariffs if they didn't acquiesce. Unsurprisingly, reporters had a lot of questions on the heels of Trump's all-day Twitter harangue that found him lashing out at everyone and everything from Apple to the WTO to French wines. Trump was in the mood to entertain and his responses were quite something. Asked about the situation with France (with whom Trump is furious over the digital tax affront), the
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