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Saudi Crown Prince Rinses Blood Off Hands, Asks For $425 Billion In Investment

After all, what's a dismembered journalist among friends, right?

After all, what's a dismembered journalist among friends, right?
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5 comments on “Saudi Crown Prince Rinses Blood Off Hands, Asks For $425 Billion In Investment

  1. So what is “the kingdom’s” report on who else initiated the sequence of events? And why doesn’t the whole world know exactly who received the fait accompli call?

  2. The world economic forum a public/private blood sucker; event in Davos: A place where full of shit elitists meet to theorize about and plan myriad ways to Piss on our leg and tell us it is Raining (PR).

    • I don’t have any problem with global elites meeting and talking about how to perpetuate the global order. that’s to be expected. globalization is a good thing. and elites will meet with each other just like other like-minded people will meet with each other.

      nor do i have a problem with the Saudis wanting investment. nor do i have a problem with people wanting to invest with the Saudis.

      what’s problematic about this particular situation is the absurdity of not admitting the obvious.

      in other words, everyone needs to just state the truth. Business leaders should say this (or something like this): “Yes, the Crown Prince ordered an extra-judicial killing. That’s not surprising because after all, he’s an absolute monarch. We generally don’t like him let alone trust him, but let’s face it, this kind of thing happens all the time with authoritarians, it’s just that in this particular case, they bungled the coverup so badly that everyone got the gruesome details. If he wants investment for infrastructure and legitimate projects, we’re more than happy to participate. But at the same time, we will be pressuring lawmakers in our home countries to cut off military aide and any other kind of aide that can be channeled to things that aren’t kosher. if he doesn’t like that, he can kiss our rich asses and fund his own infrastructure projects.”

      • You know more about Davos and the Saudis than i do. They hate infidels like yourself and i with a unrelenting passion. While we were protecting their ass in 90-91, they were looking down their noses at us. Next thing you know their doctrine of hate is a primary cause for 9-11. Call me cynical but i have a hard time seeing a scenario where the Saudi’s kiss our ass. We are always kissing theirs. Hell they are all set to be a valuable customer for the same aerospace and offense sector that leads our country around by the nose and into trillion dollar deficits.

  3. Like way back in the Wild Wild West have gun will travel. Have money will get away with murder.

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