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The Russia ‘Sanctions Bill From Hell’ Is Back – Does It Matter?

DASKA returns.

DASKA returns.
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3 comments on “The Russia ‘Sanctions Bill From Hell’ Is Back – Does It Matter?

  1. Trump’s foreign policy is 100 percent influenced by foreign money. That alone is reason for impeachment.

  2. Tax Returns! Tax Returns! Tax Returns!
    I say Lindsey and Bob are going for a shakedown of The Great Dealmaker.

  3. You people. There was no wongdoing. I have friends in China. That’s all. China. C-H-I-N-A. Sure, I Iike to hang out with other dicataterers, who wouldn’t? And i can tell you this. my dictating buddies are the best ever. Period. Now. Let’s hit the fairway.

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