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Mike Pence Went On World Tour This Week – It Didn’t Go Well

Remember how the world was "starting to respect America again"?

Remember how the world was "starting to respect America again"?
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18 comments on “Mike Pence Went On World Tour This Week – It Didn’t Go Well

  1. Quovadiszero

    Pence is the perfect bootlicker.

  2. The silence made him shiver – a little double shake! Anyone who follows trump around expounding on trump’s theories and successes (?) like he is some born-again saint here to save the world is too ignorant to be even be a possible successor to trump’s throne. It’s bad enough that most of America is somewhere between laughing out loud and seething with rage every time trump or his second-fiddle opens their mouths, taking their act to a world stage is beyond scandalous.

    The hug between Merkel and Pelosi is acknowledgement from Merkel with respect for Pelosi. Really good to see!

  3. Now that was fun!

  4. Pray there is no impeachment, folks. The vice “decider” is even worse than his boss.

    • I suspect Mueller has him in sight as well — he full out lied about Flynn and he was hand-picked by Manafart for VP. He’s marked X – everyone close to trump is marked!

      There are many interesting articles on Pence and Russia, here’s one:

      Impeachment = President Pelosi. 🤓

    • Trump is symptomatic of what happens to super powers once the super is gone… There will be no impeachment because even if the attempt were made it would be campaign time for 2020 and Pence is even worse than his master.. The Republican establishment has tolerated this Kabuki show only because some of the right wing agenda which was once in a lifetime opportunities has been put in place to the further detriment of this country (Supreme Court picks and Tax benefits to corporate America )
      The problem is the Democrats imploded their prospects with the ill fated choice of Hillary .. Probably a third party is the best option if restoring a valid Governing system were the goal (doubting the motivation is the later though).

    • Stephen Andrew

      Right on! Trump is really, really bad – but it is out in the open for all to see. POTUS pence would be a real disgrace that most do not see for what it would be.

  5. I like the comment above stating Pence as Trump’s ” Bootlicker”…

  6. The Third Party Presidential candidate in 2020 will split the center’s moderate vote from the Democrat’s vote and let Trump’s 35% base carry the day. The majority of Americans don’t want that.

  7. Before we start singing and dancing to the words “ding dong the witch is dead”, I would like to remind everyone that the bond market still forecasts a major collateral call.

    A ding dong correction’s on its way I believe…

  8. Quovadiszero

    , T-rump is the Black Swan….and he does not care what happens to this country.

  9. I just shake my head wondering why in the world Ivanka is with real leaders of the world. Makes the US look like an even bigger joke (which is not easy). She should go back selling her junk made by Chinese slave labor from what I understand.

  10. monkfelonious

    I fear these neoplasms are long lived. When the Manchurian Mango goes down, and he will, all hell is going to break loose from these engorged cancers. They will not let go because they are one way – destroy the host.

    • cut off the head of the snake . . . when the snake dies they will all run back to hide under the same rocks they have hidden under for decades. These abnormal humans have always been there and we only heard bits and pieces of them over the years. The snake encouraged them into the light. They are still the same cowards now exposed as their true selves.

      The massive millions of intelligent socially acceptable humanoids are frustrated but continue to follow the rules of law and will successfully and legally remove the nucleus of the tumor known as trump.

  11. What can I say >shrug< He licks my boots. Somebody needs to do that. >pinch fingers< He does it well, Super well. He’s the best booty licker ever. And I can tell you this, you’d love to get yours licked too. And you will! Tax cuts! Those emails! Make ‘Murica Great! AGAIN!

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