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Trump: The European Union Is A ‘Foe’ Of The United States

"I love those countries, but"...

"I love those countries, but"...
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6 comments on “Trump: The European Union Is A ‘Foe’ Of The United States

  1. I don’t know where all these European institutions came from but I’m sure it wasn’t America’s idea. In fact, it was probably a globalist plot against America.

    Once we can get rid of this pesky international law stuff, the stock markets will go to the Moon because everybody will be required to buy America’s stuff and America won’t have to buy any of theirs.


  2. Anonymous

    Once all our trade partners are dealt with (or, in plainspeak, our government leaders have finally run out of time), there better be a gDp explosion like never seen before or there’s gonna be some hell to pay.

    The punchline here isn’t that the emperor has no clothes. The punchline is that we are all standing naked…and winter’s on its way…

  3. Error404

    Have you ever considered the possibility that obnoxious as he seems to be in so many ways, Trump is in fact a lot smarter than he is given credit for? Perhaps he sees clearly that the neoliberal economic order is en route to destroying the nation-state, and that progress in this direction relies on the foundational underpinnings of a bunch of multilateral organizations. Billed as benign facilitators of a better world, they are in fact the vehicles used by a global elite – the Davos crowd – to capture for themselves the major part of the benefits flowing from globalisation (which, of course, is presented as having an almost Marxist historical inevitability and irreversibility about it).

    Perhaps Trump sees that to swing the pendulum away from the Davos crowd he has to dismantle the infrastructure they have imposed on the world over the last seven decades. This, of course, is very risky so he surrounds himself with billionaires, generals, and spooks who were they not inside the tent pissing out would be outside the tent pissing in (h/t LBJ). Inevitably, the Establishment has to find a way to fight back or face erosion of its privileges. Hence Russiagate.


    • PaulMiller

      Eror 404,
      I cannot imagine trump thinking along the intellectual and subtle lines of your eloquent post. He seems to me to be of the “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” type of thinker.

    • So your thesis is that the Establishment ordered Russia to assist the Trump campaign so that in the event of a Trump victory, said Establishment could use said Russian involvement as a club against any future Trump presidency?

      I mean, it seems awfully convoluted, but you know those Establishmenters. They work in mysterious ways.

      I thought I saw an Establishmenter once out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked again, he was gone. Maybe he was never there. Is it true that you can only see them in the light of a full moon?

  4. These actions are causing rifts among traditional long-standing allies in the West. This is serving Putin’s agenda of undermining the West. The question is: is that happening because Trump is just to dumb to know better? Or is it happening because Putin and the Russian state have evidence of money laundering for mobsters from Russia and other CIS states that, if turned over to US authorities, could send Trump to prison and they are using this to blackmail him to do their bidding, thus making him the agent of a hostile foreign power? We just don’t know YET. All that is plain is that something is VERY amiss with these actions and that they are simultaneously damaging to the West and beneficial to Russia, whether deliberately or out of stupidity. What worries me is that I honestly don’t think Trump is in fact this dumb. This is all very bad for US business interests and the sooner the Mueller investigation concludes and delivers its report to Congress the better.

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