International Community Reacts To Syria Strikes – Around The World In 1,300 Words

What’s everyone thinking on Saturday? Well, I’m glad you asked…


We’ll See What Happens.

Waiting game.

‘Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal’

“Get ready.”

‘Nuclear Option?’ Mnuchin Bails Out Ruble – For Now

So apparently, the ruble has rebounded thanks to Steve Mnuchin.

This Hasn’t Happened Since 2009: Ruble, Crude Edition

Tough week for Russia.

‘It’s A Race To The Bottom’: Ruble, Lira Crushed As Russia, Turkey Face Burgeoning Currency Crises

An escalation in Syria won’t help.

Red Rally.

All hail the “king”.

Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?


…so buy that dip!

From Russia With Love.

Trade wars, Russians, morons, markets.

‘If He Doesn’t Talk, Mueller Will Subpoena Him’: Trump Lawyers Prepping President’s ‘Good Brain’ For Interview

“You can’t prepare him. And he can’t be prepared. And Mueller gets nothing out of it except a perjury charge. Is that all he’s trying to get out of this?”

Surprise! Devin Nunes, House Republicans Think Trump Is Right About Trump Not Colluding With Russians

Surprise! Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have decided that the intelligence community (and no, there are no typos in there) has this Russia thing all wrong.

Expensive Rug Enthusiast And Ruble Collector Extraordinaire Flagged For Treason By Pissed Off Beard Guy

“Because when you insist on gumming up the works and making Robert Mueller try you in both DC and Virginia, you wind up with two probation officers watching you via two different GPS systems. Womp womp!”

Sam Nunberg: Fucking Moron.

“What just happened?”

Robert Mueller Indicts A Dozen Russians For Defrauding America


So I guess Trump is still President. Oh well.