Leftovers: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, look: if you’re still hungover from a combination of turkey, greasy mashed potatoes, and copious amounts of not-quite-top-shelf red wine, it’s time to snap out of it because last week is melting into this week as tends to happen historically on Sundays.


Michael Flynn Said To Be Cooperating With Robert Mueller

“That agreement has been terminated, the four people said.”

Mueller Now Investigating Jared Kushner’s Contacts With Foreign Governments

Again, you’d have to be a fool to think Kushner is being forthright. And Robert Mueller is no fool.

Jared Kushner Failed To Disclose WikiLeaks Contact, Russian ‘Backdoor Overture’, Dinner Invite

Such documents should have been produced in response to the third request but were not. Likewise, other parties have produced documents concerning а “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite” which Mr. Kushner also forwarded.

Another Nail In The Coffin: Trump Jr.’s Secret WikiLeaks Chat Throws Gas On Raging Russia Fire

And it just gets worse, and worse and…

Trump, Putin And A Crumbling Narrative

And that’s how stupid Trump imagines (correctly, I would add) his support base is. He is confident that large swaths of the American public will not see that as a position so untenable and schizophrenic as to either be itself evidence of collusion or else evidence of insanity.

Trump: Putin Says ‘I Didn’t Do That’ And We ‘Can Only Ask Him So Many Times’

“There was no collusion. Everybody knows there was no collusion.”

‘This Is Crazy’: Trump Instructed CIA Director Pompeo To Meet With DNC Hack Conspiracy Theorist

““This is crazy. You’ve got all these intelligence agencies saying the Russians did the hack.”

Howard Dean: Jared Kushner Will Be Indicted For Money Laundering

“This is serious business.”

Mueller Has Enough Evidence To Indict Michael Flynn, May Use Son As Leverage

“Lock him up.”

Where Was Papadopoulos? ‘Low Level’ George Represented Trump Campaign Multiple Times

Even funnier than the fact that George (seated on the far left) was on a panel discussion with the GOP Senator who has become a thorn in Trump’s (engorged) side, is the fact that the event shown in that picture was called “Defining America’s Role in Global Affairs.”

‘A Brief Hello’ With A ‘Senior’ Russian: Carter Page The Masochistic ‘Genius’

Maybe Carter Page is brilliant. Or maybe Carter Page is a masochist. Or maybe Carter Page is a complete idiot.

Cyprus Hands Over Paul Manafort’s Bank Records To Mueller

This doesn’t bode particularly well.

Scarborough: If Someone Surprises Trump With A Wire, ‘The Ratings Will Be Yuge’

“Will the next big reveal in this reality show spectacle come when one of his closest confidants surprises him in the final episode, not with a rose, but with a wire?”

It Just Got Worse For Sessions: Carter Page Testifies That He Informed Sessions Of Moscow Trip

“…my passing comment’s complete lack of relevance should go without saying.”